4 steps to the perfect eyeshadow wing

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  • Monday, April 29, 2019
4 steps to the perfect eyeshadow wing
4 steps to the perfect eyeshadow wing

Eyeliner wings have been around a while (since the 1960s in fact, so there’s a chance your mom or even your granny rocked this look!). They’re great for making your eyes look bigger  and more alluring. But have you heard of eyeshadow wings?


We love an eyeshadow wing instead of an eyeliner wing because it’s a bold look that lets you have fun with colour. Even though it’s loud and daring, somehow using eyeshadow is also a little more forgiving than using dark eyeliner to draw on your wings.


So, without further ado, let’s get started!


1. Prime those eyes


Any eye makeup look needs to be prepped properly before you begin. Using a primer like NYX Professional Makeup HD Primer makes your skin smooth and blurs out any fine lines around your eyes. We like this primer because it is water-based, which is perfect for sensitive skin or skin that’s prone to breakouts. If you want a silicone-based primer, try NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer.


For a flawless finish on your lids, use a specialised eyeshadow primer. This provides a base for your eyeshadow and eyeliner and helps the colour to look more intense against your skin. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is available in shades for dark, medium and light skin, as well as a couple of shimmer shades for added glamour.


2. Create guides using sticky tape


Ever wondered how some people manage to achieve perfectly symmetrical winged eyeliner? Here’s a trick use sticky tape to create guides for yourself. Use a short piece of tape to create a guide on each eye, from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. Stick the tape to the back of your hand and pull it off a few times to make the tape less sticky. You don’t want to remove any foundation or primer.


3. Paint your eyeshadow wings


Use a cream based metallic eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush to create your wings. We love Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Cream Eyeshadow with its subtle glimmer and 7 fabulous shades. NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush Collection Angled Eyeliner Brush is a must-have addition to your makeup kit the angled neck makes applying eyeliner so much easier.


Choose your eyeshadow colour, and using the tape as a guide, paint a wing on each eye. Choose the highest point of your wing, where you want it to end, and paint a line down to the outer corner of your eye. Paint another line from the same point, down to the centre of your lash line. Fill in this ‘triangle’ with eyeshadow.


4. Complete the look


Once both wings are symmetrical, carefully remove the tape (don’t rip it off). Use the same colour eyeshadow to paint eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, to connect the wing and complete the look. Finish off with lashings of your favourite mascara.



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