A product combo your lashes will love

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  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
A product combo your lashes will love
A product combo your lashes will love

If you still can’t seem to achieve the lashes of your favourite beauty vloggers, don’t blame your mascara; there’s only so much it can do alone. An overlooked fact is that eyelashes are also hair and so need moisturising for better results. Enter the primer and mascara duo – the combination made for achieving long, luscious lashes. Here’s how it works. 

The secret to longer, volumised lashes is using the right primer. We suggest Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer. It acts as a base to condition your lashes and it’s just what you need to get your lashes thicker – like many hair conditioners would. In addition, lash primer adds weight, density and a fine creamy coating allowing the mascara to hold onto even the tiniest of lashes.  Urban Decay subversion

Finally, glide on a sinful, blacker-than-black mascara (our pick of the moment – Urban Decay Perversion Mascara) after applying the lash primer. The mascara will lengthen, separate and define each lash, and Urban Decay’s particular formula is great for a smooth, clump-free application. The best part? The dynamic duo of primer and mascara makes for a sultry eye that lasts all day long, smudge-free!


Urban Deacy Perversion

This combination works together so well, we guarantee that once you try it, you’ll never dream of applying mascara without priming first. So, keep them in your makeup bag for instant access to everything you need for dream lashes in a flash!


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