Makeup magic for your close-set eyes

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  • Monday, March 25, 2019
Makeup magic for your close-set eyes
Makeup magic for your close-set eyes

Do you look in the mirror and think maybe your eyes are a bit close together? It’s not the end of the world. Loads of gorgeous celebrities have this eye shape, and you probably didn’t even notice - thanks to clever flaw-hiding eye makeup for close-set eyes.


If the space between your eyes (across the bridge of your nose) is smaller than the space between the outer corner of your eye and your hairline, this means you have close-set eyes. This can make your face look out of balance, and you might feel that your gaze is a little too intense as a result.


We’ll show you how to apply eyeshadow for close-set eyes and take you from cross-eyed to starry-eyed in a matter of minutes!



Turn close-set eyes into smoky eyes!


Smoky eye makeup is your best bet for close-set eyes. It works wonders because the style creates blended shadows and highlights and you can use these to give the illusion of a different shape.


Our favourite eyeshadow palette is Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette with 12 shades that include grey, silver and deep charcoal, as well as all your favourite neutral browns. If you want to try the denim trend that’s all the rage right now, we recommend Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Blue Drama - a navy blue eyeshadow palette formulated with a subtle shimmer.



Smoky eyeshadow for close-set eyes


1. Apply light eyeshadow first


Brush a light shade in shimmery white, cream or silvery grey over your entire eyelid. This will help to lift and widen your eyes.



2. Medium shadow on the outer third


Brush a mid-toned eyeshadow along your lash line and on the outer third portion of your eyelid - so from just before the centre of the eyelid up to the outer corner.



3. Dark eyeshadow on the outer corners


Apply charcoal or navy-blue eyeshadow to the outer corners of each eye. For added drama, add a dusting of shadow to the lower lash line as well, to create a dark cat’s eye shape with eyeshadow that lifts at the outer corners.



4. Black eyeliner and mascara


Apply eyeliner, but again just to the outer corners. We like Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil for its creamy texture and waterproof finish. Add a coat of your favourite mascara, and you’re done!


Tip: For close-set eye makeup, it’s important to only apply dark colour and eyeliner to the outer corners of each eye. This will draw your eyes out and make them look more widely spaced. Any dark colour at the inner corners will make your eyes look close together.


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