Beyond basics: Take your blush game to the next level

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  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Beyond basics: Take your blush game to the next level
Beyond basics: Take your blush game to the next level

Most women think that applying blush is the easiest aspect of putting on makeup. But the truth is that there are many different ways to do it, and each one creates a different effect and finish. Here’s how to take your blush game to the next level, depending on the exact look that you’re aiming to achieve.



Natural and relaxed

If a simple, natural vibe is what you’re after, you’ll want to apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Delicately dot a bit of the product onto each cheek and blend well in an upwards motion.



Want to retain that beach tan and sun-kissed look for as long as possible into the new year? Your blush technique can help you do just that. First, apply a bit of bronzer – just enough to give you a natural all-over glow. Then sweep a tiny amount of blush over the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. As usual, blend, blend, blend. 



Look as though you’ve stepped straight off the catwalk by applying your blush with a bit of dramatic flair. This obviously works better for night-time. Use a light, fluffy brush and start by applying the product to the temples, brushing it downwards to just beneath the cheekbones. The effect is a draped look that will also frame the face for a chiselled finish. We love using the silky NYX Professional Makeup HD Blush for this.



Draw attention to your best features by using blush to sculpt the natural contours of your face. Apply the product directly onto the cheekbones and just above. This is a wonderful alternative to highlighter if you’re short on time but still want to look super sophisticated.



Adorable and youthful, the flushed effect can be achieved by applying the blush on the cheeks just below the eyes and sweeping outwards. The 8-hour Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Highlighter Palette will aid in getting it right.


Remember, practice makes perfect. Once you have the various techniques down pat, there won’t be any reason to blush. You’ll be able to head out anywhere with confidence!

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