Multitasking products are this year's big thing

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  • Friday, June 1, 2018
Multitasking products are this year's big thing
Multitasking products are this year's big thing

Multitasking makeup was invented by someone looking to show some love to our faces and wallets. Instead of buying a million products for different purposes, we now have convenient creams embedded in powder compacts with complementary colours, while others are thrown into a single mix to be used for a variety of purposes. It’s truly a life-saving investment to have a few products that can kill two birds with one stone. So, if you’ve got no time for one-trick-ponies, these are the products that can do it all.


Highlight and contour 


It’s so unfair to find the right contour for your skin tone, only to struggle to find a matching shade of highlighter. That’s why the double-sided NYX Wonder Stick is a perfect two-in-one crayon that does double duty – a contour on one side and matching highlighter on the other in a multitude of shades. The use and flip over makes it a dream for the already complex contour technique.


Complete eyebrow solutions 


To get your brows on point, they need to be shaped and filled to perfection. Thankfully, Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Pencil comes in a double-sided, purse-friendly stick with a teardrop-shaped applicator on one end and a fluffy spoolie on the other. The versatile teardrop applicator lets you define and fill your brows to perfection depending on how you apply the tip, while the spoolie allows you to finish everything off with effortless blending and styling of the creamy formula. It’s the best of both worlds in one.


Liquid and powder foundation 


Okay, this must be a lie, right? A foundation that is both liquid and powder seems impossible; the science shouldn’t allow it, but we couldn’t make this up. Lancôme Dual Finish Foundation combines liquid and powder to achieve a perfect consistency. This multitasking powder foundation comes in 35 glorious shades. You can apply it dry as a creamy powder for a matte look, or wet as a foundation for a satin, dewy finish. This little compact may just have ended the debate on liquid vs powder, because it does both.


 Lip liner, eyeliner and concealer 


Yes, it exists, so you can stop secretly using your eyeliner as a lip liner and worrying if it’s okay. What makes the NYX Wonder Pencil so mind-blowing is the pencil’s creamy texture and strong colour that makes it kick butt in all three departments. Use the pencil to outline your lips for a plumper shape, and how about gliding it across your lash line for a bright wide-eyed look? All of this in what feels like a single, indulgent magic wand.

Fewer products, more uses, better results. What’s not to love about streamlining your routine (and saving time and money while you do), with products that do double or triple duty?

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