Here’s a moth-inspired makeup look because, why not?

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  • Monday, March 25, 2019
Here’s a moth-inspired makeup look because, why not?
Here’s a moth-inspired makeup look because, why not?

Looking to have a little fun with your makeup? After all, makeup holds the power to completely transform your face- whether it’s a sultry date night look or an elaborate Halloween getup, makeup can be truly powerful.

Ok so Halloween is still a little far away, but if you’re looking to impress at your next fancy dress party or simply stand out from the crowd, why not try your hand at one of the hottest makeup trends doing the rounds at the moment? Drawing inspiration from the beauty that nature has to offer, here’s how to recreate a moth-inspired eye makeup look:


Step 1: Prep your canvas

Contrary to what you may think, this is not one of those overly complicated eyeshadow looks. All you need are the right tools for the job and a perfectly prepped canvas. FYI: make sure to complete this eyeshadow prep before applying your foundation and concealer! Prepare your eyes with an undereye moisturiser or primer and, most importantly, your eyelids with a high-quality eyelid primer so that the colour does not shift.


Step 2: Define those brows

As with any makeup technique, simple or intricate, your eyebrows work to complement every look. Ultimately, they set the tone for the rest of your face. Go for a more defined brow  this time, filling them in with an eye pencil or pomade and setting with a clear brow gel.


Step 3: Layer, layer, layer

To recreate the beautiful colours of a moth wing, the layering of your eyeshadow is going to make or break the look. Begin with your neutral base shade, sweeping your preferred colour all over the eyelid.

Move on to a brighter shade of eyeshadow, layering the colour from the inner corner of your eye towards the outer edge. Make sure to concentrate most of this colour on the inner corner. Don’t forget to bring this brighter shade down under the bottom lash line!


Step 4: Get creative

At this stage, you can start drawing in the natural patterns of a moth wing using the finest tip eyeliner pen you own. Alternate between black and white eyeliner pens to perfect the moth-like pattern. Concentrate this creativity to the outer corner of your eye so as to not ruin your beautiful eyeshadow shading. Don’t go too wild- keep it as simple as possible.

Once you’ve completed the eyeshadow look with the finishing touches, apply lashings of mascara or a set of luscious eyelash extensions if you want to go all out.

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