Re-sculpt your neck, surgery free: A guide to contouring and bronzing

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  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Re-sculpt your neck, surgery free: A guide to contouring and bronzing
Re-sculpt your neck, surgery free: A guide to contouring and bronzing

Ever wonder how all those Instagram celebs have such flawless skin - face, neck and cleavage? Yes, the right filter helps, but it’s more than that… it’s makeup! Contouring your neck isn’t a new trend, although it’s probably not something you’ve tried. But you should - it’s so easy to achieve, and it’s the perfect finishing touch to your makeup routine.



Contouring your neck and shoulders

You don’t need a personal makeup artist to apply contouring to your neck. You can totally do it yourself! The trick is to keep it subtle. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing tonnes of makeup on your neck. 


1. Bring your foundation down onto your neck

Really, this makes sense. Not only do you eliminate the harsh line of foundation at your jaw, but you also provide a smooth base for applying highlights and contours. When you apply your primer (we love Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser so much), apply it to your neck and shoulders too.


Apply your foundation and concealer as usual. Then mix a little additional foundation with some moisturiser and blend the colour onto your neck and shoulders. This creates a translucent shade that’s not too heavy on the delicate skin of your neck and décolletage.



2. Apply some contours

Look at yourself in the mirror and see where there are natural shadows and curves. Your aim is to enhance these with contours. Try using NYX Professional Makeup Matte Bronzer. We love the deep tanned glow that this bronzer creates rather than a dark contour, and this is perfect for the subtle effect that you want.


Apply bronzer along each collar bone, in the hollow of your neck and in a V-shape between your breasts. Also dust some bronzer underneath your jaw, coming to a point in the centre of your neck. This will give the illusion of a stronger jawline (and hide any double chins!)



3. Highlights for light and definition

Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Highlighter Palette 8-Hour Highlighter & Blush is our new favourite all-in-one product, containing 3 best-selling highlight shades and 3 blushes. Use a light, shimmery hue to apply highlights above and below the contours of your collar bones.



4. Blend with a fluffy brush

If you don’t have a nice big puffy makeup brush, it’s time to invest in one. Blend along each contour and highlight with a circular dusting motion, to distribute the colour and eliminate any harsh lines.


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