Autumn nail shades to help you embrace the season change

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  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Autumn nail shades to help you embrace the season change
Autumn nail shades to help you embrace the season change

As the fresh air of autumn starts to waft into the warm, summery breeze, it’s time to update your nail colour accordingly. Here are the top shades to keep an eye out for in autumn 2019.



The perfect mix between grey and brown, taupe is undoubtedly THE nail colour of the season. Smoky, warm and refined, it’s a neutral delight that goes with pretty much anything. We love the glossy Essie Nail Lacquer in Mink Muffs.


For a slightly more girly take on taupe, a hint of mulberry is a must. The sensuous Essie Nail Lacquer in Merino Cool is a top choice.



As rich and satisfying as a warm cuppa, the sultry shades of mocha are here to stay. The satiny Essie Nail Lacquer in Buy Me a Cameo is a sexy version of this autumnal nail colour trend.



Autumn 2019 is all about not-too-dark, and neutral shades. Beige is another firm favourite: get the look with the help of the sandy Essie Nail Lacquer in Sand Tropez.


Soft Grey

Another take on taupe hues, is a soft grey classic colour to embrace this season. We recommend the style-savvy Essie Nail Lacquer in Master Plan.


Add some edgy grit to your look with a touch of granite-chic on your nails. The sleek Essie Nail Lacquer in Chinchilly looks incredible!


Beautiful and delicate, mauve is a magical hue. The elegant Essie Nail Lacquer in Lady Like is one of our favourites.

As the weather cools down, make sure your look doesn’t fall flat with the help of the right nail colours. Celebrate the season in style!  

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