Back to basics: Brow down

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  • Thursday, November 15, 2018
Back to basics: Brow down
Back to basics: Brow down

Eyebrows are one of makeup’s greatest mysteries. There’s maintenance, positioning, shape, length, colour, and plenty more to consider. To add to the complication, getting your brows perfect (and they have to perfect to frame your eyes, right?) requires the steady hand of a renaissance master and some serious mirror-work, too.

Every girl you ask will have a different secret weapon or technique to successful brows, and trust us – if you were to listen to all of them, you’d need an extra tool box in your makeup kit just for your eyebrow gear – from brushes and stencils, tweezers and scissors, magnifying mirrors and, of course, the actual makeup itself.

Well we’re here to tell you that perfect brows don’t have to mean an extra hour-long commitment every morning. In fact, it only takes a little knowledge, a little practice, and a few key products to make sure yours are on fleek every day! Let’s take it back to basics, shall we?


Your tools

•         Tweezers

•         Manicuring scissors

•         Spoolie brush

•         Brow brush

 3605970976996_browbeater_warmbrown (1)

Your products

•         Eyebrow pencil

•         Eyebrow powder

•         Eyebrow wax

•         Highlighter


Step 1: Do a little clean-up

Use your tweezers to shape your eyebrows to your preferred style, as well as to get rid of any strays while making sure that awkward mono-brow is nowhere to be seen. Next, use the spoolie to brush the hairs upwards and outwards, which will give you an idea of which hairs (if any) will need to be trimmed a little with the scissors. Only trim those hairs that will get in the way of your desired shape, and remember: don’t cut too short! The last thing you want is a stubbly look. Keep it natural.


Step 2: Set your boundaries

Use your eyebrow pencil to define first the lower boundary of the eyebrow, followed by the upper boundary. Hot tip: dark-haired girls should go for a colour that’s a shade lighter than their hair, while light-haired girls should go one shade darker. This will create crisp lines for you to work within and avoid accidentally going past your brows’ natural shape. For razor-sharp lines, you can’t beat Urban Decay Brow Beater Microfine Eye Brow Pencil and Brush, with a microfine tip that perfectly mimics the look of real hair.


The arch is over - straight boy brows are taking over


Step 3: Colouring

Now that the edges are perfectly defined, it’s time to colour in! Use your brow brush (one with a slanted edge is ideal for achieving sharp edges) to apply eyebrow powder to each outline and to even out the colour. Don’t go overboard, the blending step will ensure the colour is as even as possible, without the need for multiple powder applications. One of our favourite brow products? We love NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder, which comes in a mini-palette containing two complementary shades, a slanted brush, a spoolie and a colourless wax in one easy-carry kit.



Step 4: Blend and set

Break out that trusty spoolie again and brush your brows (going with the direction of growth) to disperse the pigment and even the colour out. Once you’re satisfied with shape, colour and cleanliness, use a good brow wax to keep every hair in place and every grain of powder right where it should be.

There you have it! From frumpy and fluffy to fab and on fleek in a few simple steps! Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be ready to take on whatever eyebrow trends come your way.

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