Bag of tricks: Natural-looking brows edition

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  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Bag of tricks: Natural-looking brows edition
Bag of tricks: Natural-looking brows edition

Over the last few years, eyebrows have become the most important facial feature and, unfortunately, are often the most difficult to master when it comes to makeup application techniques. There is a fine line between achieving the flawless, ‘natural’ brow look and walking around with two harsh lines painted on your face! The good news is that, whether you have thick, unruly eyebrows or thin, sparse ones, we have the tips, tricks and hacks to help you get those brows ‘on fleek’ every time…


Keep it light

You’ll want to avoid colouring in your eyebrows at all costs! The secret to a subtle look is to use a powder and an angled brush, or an angled eyebrow pencil, like the retractable L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert, and fill in your brows with soft, hair-like strokes. Keep a few tiny gaps in there to avoid a solid finish.


For an all-in-one kit guaranteed to result in bomb brows, you may want to invest in the versatile Urban Decay Brow Box. It comes equipped with brow powder, wax and several brow maintenance tools.


Bag of tricks: Natural-looking brows edition - woman filling in brows



Choose your colour wisely

One of the biggest brow no-nos is using an eyebrow pencil that is too dark in comparison to the colour of your natural brows. Instead, opt for a pencil that is a shade lighter as this will blend in a lot easier.


Bag of tricks: Natural-looking brows edition - woman drawing brows



Shed some light

If at all possible, do your brows in natural light. This will allow you to apply just the right amount of product, all the while catching sight of those stray hairs that need a quick tweeze.


Bag of tricks: Natural-looking brows edition - woman plucking brows



Keep them in place

If you’d like to ensure that, along with your eye makeup, your brows stay perfectly in place all day (or night) long, but you don’t have any brow gel on hand, there’s an easy trick to try. Mix some matte eyeshadow with a drop of contact lens solution and VOILA. Your eyebrows won’t be going anywhere! Alternatively, get yourself the tinting Maybelline Brow Drama® Sculpting Eyebrow Mascara for the same effect.

Most importantly, be sure to practice your technique. We have no doubt you’ll be rocking eyebrows as flawless as the rest of your face soon enough!


Bag of tricks: Natural-looking brows edition - putting mascara on





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