Baking no-no: How to set your concealer like a pro

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  • Thursday, August 22, 2019
Baking no-no: How to set your concealer like a pro
Baking no-no: How to set your concealer like a pro

Of all the concealer setting (baking) blunders there are, go out of your way to avoid this one.


Thanks to the power of social media and beauty makeup frenzies, makeup trends are abuzz with concealer makeup tips. One age-old way to attain the best concealer look is to bake (set) your concealer with powder. While this is true to a degree, even one small mishap can make you look older in an instant.


What’s the trick?

When it comes to setting your concealer, there’s one expert tip that everyone needs to know, so here goes. Stay clear of pressed powder as it will weigh your skin down. For the best results, use loose powder whatever your skin tone. While marketing often chooses to overlook this pointer; those in the know swear it makes all the difference.


How to set your concealer like a pro: products

What’s the big deal?

Don’t be a slave to changing makeup and hair colour trends and video tutorials propagating the latest tips. These ideas are all great but be wary of advice that insists that compressed and loose powders are alike; they are not. In fact, in worst case scenarios, the wrong powder can add what appears to be decades on your skin over time.


For best results, it’s important that your favourite makeup products comply with expert tips. Also, avoid using a loose powder that is too heavy. It should not fall off your brush too fast when dipped.


What is the solution?

We recommend using a loose powder that can be brushed on alone or on top of makeup. Something like Maybelline Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder in Translucent that’s light yet still gives your face a smooth matt finish you’re bound to love. Alternatively, NYX Professional Makeup HD Mineral Matte Finishing Powder can also be used as is or over makeup for a flawless natural glow and smooth finish no matter what.



How to set your concealer like a pro: woman with a makeup brush


In addition to choosing light makeup that is good for your face and suits your skin tone, you should also consider embracing anti-pollution makeup that can further protect your face from the elements and that is environmentally friendly. Your makeup should enhance your natural beauty, rather than hide it beneath unnecessarily heavy layers of product.


Love your skin; it will thank you. After all, you’re the only cover-girl your face has, so make the most of it.

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