Become a cat eye expert with this handy guide

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  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Become a cat eye expert with this handy guide
Become a cat eye expert with this handy guide

From movie stars to glamour girls and supermodels, everyone knows the flirty power of cat eyeliner. However, the cat eye flick isn’t easy to accomplish and it takes time (and a steady hand) to master the technique. 

Here’s what you’ll need to achieve this sultry look:

• Base eyeshadow

• A makeup brush

• Liquid liner

• Mascara

• Makeup remover

• Ear buds

• Loads of practice


Lay the foundation

Before you break out the liquid liner, you must lay the foundation for smooth application. Prime your lid with a neutral toned eyeshadow to ensure your makeup goes on seamlessly. Just steer clear of cream-based shadows – they will quickly cause your liner to wipe away.


Find your angles

When it comes to applying makeup, consistency is important. Clean lines mean nothing if your angles aren’t the same on each side. Use a makeup brush to bypass the challenge and plot the angles of your flicks. Place one end of the brush at the corner of your nostril and the other at the end of your eyebrow. Essentially, this is the line you should follow when drawing the flick. Using liquid liner, place a small dot to mark the point at which you want your flick to end.


Connect the dots

Once you’ve evenly plotted your lines, it’s time to connect the dots. Slightly tilt your head back and draw a line with your liquid liner from the dot to the corner of your eye. The next step is to draw another line connecting the dot to the middle of your lash line. Finally, fill in the negative space between the two lines you’ve just drawn.



Starting near the tear duct, draw another line as close to the lashes as possible. Increase the thickness as you move along and try completing it in one swift motion. Tightlining (meaning the liner is placed between your lashes and up against your eye’s waterline) might be tricky to get right, but works perfectly to polish off the look. If you have difficulty with this step, rest your pinkie against your cheekbone to increase stability.


Finishing touches 

Once you're happy with your line and flick, it's time to finish up the look. Apply a good defining mascara to lengthen those lashes and frame your eyes. And if you've messed liner or mascara anywhere, whip out your trusty makeup remover and an ear bud and carefully blot away any mishaps. 


Use The Best Makeup Products 

Mastering the cat eye depends a lot on the products you use. Buying right, however, doesn’t mean investing in the most expensive item on the shelf – it means buying smart. So carefully consider what you need from your eyeliner.  

The classic black Matte Liquid Liner from NYX is a hugely popular, and highly recommended, product that glides on smoothly. Its precision brush tip allows for clean lines. Alternatively, you could try Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner from Urban Decay. The liner’s water-resistant formula is known for its quick drying action and comes in a range of 20 different shades with a variety of finishes.

Practice, a steady hand and quality products are the quintessential ingredients for perfect cat eye makeup. So, exercise patience and be ready to commit the necessary time – it’s the only way to master the technique.


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