Before you take the plunge and get those fluttery lash extensions, read this…

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  • Friday, December 7, 2018
Before you take the plunge and get those fluttery lash extensions, read this…
Before you take the plunge and get those fluttery lash extensions, read this…

Who doesn’t love a little extra volume? Whether it’s your hair or eyelashes, volume and thickness are right on-trend. But when it comes to the eyelash extension process, there are a number of stories doing the rounds – what’s myth and what’s the truth? Does the eyelash extension procedure really damage your natural lashes and are they more high-maintenance than not?

We uncover it all for you here…


Let’s talk benefits

The biggest benefit of thick, beautiful eyelash extensions is the time-saving factor. They are literally your answer to looking ‘done up’, even when you’re not. Whether you’re heading into work, a mid-morning Pilates session or to brunch with friends, eyelash extensions are your answer to the ultimate ‘no-makeup makeup look’. To add to this, makeup with eyelash extensions looks extra glam, so it really is a win-win situation!


Now it’s time to get real

For eyelash extension rookies, the first question is always: ‘will they damage my natural lashes?’ The short answer to this is: most likely. But there is no-hard-and-fast rule behind this either. It all depends on the original health and length of your natural lashes before extensions. Some women struggle with short, brittle lashes after their extensions are removed, but this can be solved quickly with a conditioning serum to keep your natural lashes in tip-top shape. Your natural lashes will most likely grow back to their original length in 1-2 weeks.


Simple dos and don’ts with eyelash extensions

  • Don’t get your lash extensions wet for at least 48 hours after their application. You can still wash your face in the shower, but ensure no water comes into contact with your lashes.
  • Don’t rub your eyes with oil-based products or heavy creams, and try to avoid touching, picking or pulling at your lashes in the first few days after application.
  • Don’t wear mascara on your lash extensions as it’s difficult to remove and can cause bonds to break.
  • Whatever you do, don’t try to remove your lash extensions by yourself!
  • Always remember to get your lash extensions fitted by a professional with an eyelash extension certification.
  • If possible, get your hands on a silk pillowcase which helps to reduce friction while sleeping and maintains your lashes for longer.
  • Remember to brush out your lashes ever so gently with a spoolie brush every other day.
  • Use a heated eyelash curler if your lashes begin to fall or droop.
As with most beauty products and procedures, there is always a set of benefits and negatives. Voluminous, fluttery eyelash extensions are a wonderful addition for the upcoming Christmas season, so why not try them these holidays for the ultimate answer to a quick and easy makeup look! 

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