Believe it Lip gloss is now every occasion ready

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  • Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Believe it Lip gloss is now every occasion ready
Believe it Lip gloss is now every occasion ready
Lip gloss reminds us of our effortless teenybopper days where we could run out of the house with a swipe of milky pink lip gloss and we were good to go. Also, if we happened to lick our lips, we’d taste the most delicious candy flavour but if there was any kind of breeze, our loose strands of hair would stick to our lips like white on rice. 

Reminiscing aside, lip gloss is all grown up now and can be paired with any makeup look. From subtle nude hues to look-at-me, saturated shades, we show you how to wear lip gloss at home, work and out and about.

Everyday Prettiness

 Whether you’re spending the day inside with friends or running errands around town, a swipe of a brightening lip gloss, a coat or two of mascara and a pop of blush on your cheeks are all you need on your face. Our go-to formula for days like these? NYX Professional Makeup Intense Butter Gloss in Napoleon. The gorgeous pinky-coral hue instantly brightens up your complexion. 
nyx intense butter gloss

Office Allure 

For days where you want to impress clients, opt for a red shade in a long-lasting formula. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Hot Lacquer in Classic is a lovely candy-apple red that lasts. The lacquered shine finish makes a welcome change from dried-out, matte formulas. If you’re more of a nude-lip kinda gal, you’ll love the colour Charmer in the range. 
maybeline vivid hot lacquer

Date-night Glam

The options are endless here, feel free to play around with any shade or formula that tickles your fancy. Just bear in mind that lip gloss isn’t ideal for kissing so if you are planning on locking lips with your boo, we recommend you either slick on a yummy-tasting version, such as NYX Professional Makeup Intense Butter Gloss (any shade), or a shiny stain, such as Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain Lip Color, for a similar effect but with kiss-proof capacity. We adore the shade Magenta Amplifier for a look-at-me lip. 
ysl lip gloss

So instead of yearning for the days that were, embrace the you right now and the makeup products available – there to add a new spring to your step. 

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