Bespoke beauty has arrived: A guide to customising makeup

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  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Bespoke beauty has arrived: A guide to customising makeup
Bespoke beauty has arrived: A guide to customising makeup

Makeup comes curated by experts to help us get the look we want. But what about when we want to do our own thing? Enter bespoke makeup, the art of creating and curating your own makeup palette. It’s a brilliant idea that gets girls involved in assembling their own products by mixing from a variety of makeup collections. This can be done in person at selected makeup counters in beauty stores or with certain products sold for customising. Here are some unique ways it’s done:



Previously, experts selected eyeshadow shades according to a theme or a makeup look. Now you, the makeup user, can choose your own colours for a variety of makeup looks with customisable products like NYX Professional Makeup Custom Pro Palettes. They consist of empty trays of four, eight or nine palettes waiting to be filled by your creativity – the perfect way to combine your favourites from every look in your collection.



Nothing adds a personal touch like an engraving on a gift for a loved one. It’s an emotional investment that shows your appreciation is not just about buying a gift. YSL have a collection of their classic lipsticks that can be engraved for that someone special as a sentimental gift. From YSL Glossy Stains to Rouge Couture Lipsticks, you can request a name or phrase engraved on the tube in a beautiful font.



If you enjoy a certain product but are not too fond of how the colour looks on your skin, then change it! Now, you can create custom colours through mixing. Urban Decay Vice Special Effects is a top coat that can be applied over other lip glosses in the Urban Decay Vice range to change up the look. Start your day with a single-colour matte finish, then add the Vice Special Effects to create an ombre lip for an evening look that’s a totally new colour.

‘Build your own beauty’ will never go out of style. At the end of all the mixing, blending and choosing, you end up with a look that is entirely unique to you. Your face is the canvas – make sure your collection of colours is uniquely you.


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