Body makeup: Your secret weapon for special occasions

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  • Friday, April 26, 2019
Body makeup: Your secret weapon for special occasions
Body makeup: Your secret weapon for special occasions

You’re all glammed up for a night on the town. Your hair looks just perfect. Your dress is amazing. Your face looks like it’s been photoshopped. And your body looks like… well, your body. Yes, girls, body makeup IS a thing. It’s a really great way to ensure that your entire ‘look’ for a special occasion is 100% on point. After all - why spend hours on your face and hair, and leave your neckline, arms and legs in desperate need of attention?


Body makeup isn’t something you want to do every day… who has time? But, if you’re going to look extra fabulous for a fancy dinner, formal occasion or even a wedding, then this is how you do it.


1. Prepare your canvas


Every artist needs to start with a fresh, clean canvas. It goes without saying that you want to shave your legs before a special occasion. You should also exfoliate with a loofa, paying special attention to the dry skin on your knees and elbows.


2. Tinted moisturiser


Mix a little foundation with an oil-free moisturiser and smooth it all over your body from your neck to your toes. The moisturiser will make your skin look light and dewy. Adding a touch of foundation will also even out your skin tone but be careful not to use too much - you don’t want to look all greasy. If you do overdo it, blot off excess moisturiser with a tissue.


3. Conceal scars and blemishes


Concealer? On your body? Yup. NYX Professional Makeup Gotcha Covered Concealer is an excellent product with full coverage, yet its creamy coconut oil formulation means it won’t crease or cake. It’s available in loads of shades to suit almost every skin tone. Apply a dot of concealer onto any scars or discoloured areas on your neckline, arms and legs. Tap lightly with a beauty sponge to blend the colour.


4. Buff with loose powder


Loose powder will help to set your body makeup and further blend your concealer and foundation. Use a large, fluffy makeup brush - a nice big Kabuki brush is a superb investment for your makeup bag.


5. Bronzer and highlighter

Bronzer gives your skin a healthy glow. Dust some on your neck, shoulders, chest, cleavage and legs. We recommend Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed for a natural, sun-kissed look.

You should highlight areas that catch the light, to make your skin look sculpted and radiant. Use a medium sized makeup brush to apply Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Metal Gold to your collarbones, to make your neck look longer and slimmer. If you’re going strapless, apply some to your shoulders and along the top of your arms. If you’re wearing a short skirt, highlight your shins.

Finally, buff and blend highlighted areas with a Kabuki brush and let your makeup set for a few minutes before putting on your outfit - you don’t want to ruin your dress with makeup stains!



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