Bright and colourful smoky eye – yes, it’s a thing

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  • Thursday, October 18, 2018
Bright and colourful smoky eye – yes, it’s a thing
Bright and colourful smoky eye – yes, it’s a thing

For years the traditional smoky eye has been characterised by dark, moody colours, namely black. Let’s be honest – this doesn’t always make for the understated, elegant evening makeup look which is far more on-trend in recent years. That said, smoky eye makeup is a look that has stood the test of time and is not set to go anywhere anytime soon. 

Bringing smoky eyes into the here and now 

To bring smoky eyes into contemporary times, makeup artists have ditched the black and begun to incorporate bright and colourful shades. Unlike the harshness of sooty black eye shadow, the bright and colourful smoky eye works to bring your eyes to life, enhancing your eye colour and shape in the best way possible. 

In terms of the must-have skills in your makeup arsenal, the smoky eye is hailed as the “little black dress” of your makeup skill set. But it’s no use if the makeup look is outdated and doesn’t quite match the occasion in mind. 

The best thing about the colourful smoky eye? 

It’s a great makeup look to transition from day to night. Create a subdued smoky eye with greys, blues, purples, taupes and browns and take it up a notch with a simple flick of eyeliner for a night out on the town. 

Colours to incorporate 

Expert advice on how to do a smoky eye and incorporate bright colours is simple: choose one colour and follow the spectrum of this one singular colour. In other words, if you choose blue as an accent shade, look at defining your eye with navy in the crease, shading with a lighter blue on your lid and highlighting your inner corners with an icy blue.  

But the ultimate trick to nailing the bright and colourful smoky eye is to choose the best colour for your natural eye shape. Learn how to master that colour selection and application, here.

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