Brow looks for every occasion

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  • Monday, February 11, 2019
Brow looks for every occasion
Brow looks for every occasion

Eyebrows have become the most important aspect of every woman’s makeup routine. They frame your face, after all, so they should be perfect. But who says you have to stick to just one brow look? Why not play around with them depending on the occasion, and your mood? Here are three different looks to add to your list of perfected makeup techniques.


This look works wonders when your goal is to have all eyes on you. It’s great for when going out to a special evening, or trying to impress on a hot date. Use the versatile Urban Decay Brow Box with Brow Powder, Wax & Tools to fill in your brows with confidence. Killer bold brows look amazing when paired with a bold lippie – just remember to keep your eyes simple. A lick of black mascara should do the trick.



This is a wonderful everyday look and also works well for the office. You’ll need an eyebrow gel or eyebrow mascara to hold the shape of your eyebrows in place, and a basic eyebrow pencil to subtly fill in any sparse areas of the brows. Aim for a look that’s as natural as possible.



When you have the urge to do something a little bit different, why not get creative with your brows? Take your queue from loud and proud celebrities, or embrace high fashion brow trends and put your own spin on them. We like the dripping eyebrow and rainbow eyebrows, the ideal choices for festival makeup.


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