Brow mascara: What and how?

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Brow mascara: What and how?
Brow mascara: What and how?

The bigger and bushier the better – this is the prevailing trend when it comes to brows, and we’re loving it. Gone are the days of over-plucked and over-drawn eyebrows. In today’s day and age, eyebrows are the ultimate accessory for your face and one of the best ways to complement any makeup look.

Now, we understand the eyebrow-pencil-and-brush combo have long been the quintessential tools to achieving that perfectly precise brow, but to create the natural and textured look that’s right on-trend, brow mascara is the way to go. 

Catering to all eyebrow shapes, brow mascara is a serious multitasker if ever we’ve seen one! Not only does it work to set your brows in their rightful place, but if you’re looking to add a little volume and bulk, this tool has you covered.

If you’ve wondered how to shape thick eyebrows, this is your answer – brow mascara works to tame unruly hairs with perfect placement. If you’re looking for further advice on how to do your eyebrows, our experts recommend the lightweight, water-resistant Urban Decay Brow Tamer for a luscious, yet polished, eyebrow look. This quick breakdown should also help:

Step 1

Begin with what’s known as the ‘windshield wiper’ technique. Starting at the outer edge of your brow, brush across to the inner corner. In this step, you’ll be brushing against the grain of your hair growth – make sure the easy-to-use Urban Decay Brow Tamer wand does not have any product on it yet.

Once you’ve reached the inner edge of your brow, dip the wand into the product, then brush back towards the outer edge of your brow, following the natural grain of your hair growth. This step works to brush your brows into their natural place.

Step 2

If you want to pay special attention to the inner corner, or ‘fans,’ of your brow, brush these hairs out first with the product-laden wand; then let the product settle for 30 seconds or so. Finally, brush back over your brow towards the outer edge to shape the rest of your brow.

Brow mascara is a game changer in terms of sculpting, as well as adding texture and volume to your natural brows. Stay on top of your brow game with this easy-to-use product and bring extra dimension to your makeup looks! 

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