Bye girl, bye! Leave these makeup looks in 2018

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  • Thursday, December 13, 2018
Bye girl, bye! Leave these makeup looks in 2018
Bye girl, bye! Leave these makeup looks in 2018

It’s time to get real – some makeup trends just aren’t meant to last forever. Besides, who has the time to spend 20 minutes (per eye!) on perfecting the perfect cut-crease eyeshadow look in the mornings? Most working women of the world just don’t have that kind of spare time, save for the odd weekend function when you can really go to town. But even then, cracked matte lips just aren’t a good look when you’re tucking into tacos!

Some of this year’s makeup trends are on their way out, stepping aside to make way for new trends we’re super excited about!

1. Bye-bye contouring, hello glowing skin

Perfectly contoured, sharp-edged makeup looks are well on their way out the door, making way for natural, glowing skin. The trend of lighter, more natural-looking makeup is on the rise using pops of highlight and flashes of colour to bring out your best features, rather than sharp contouring.

2. Bye-bye smoky matte, hello sparkles

The over-done, smoky eye harks back to the ‘80s, and while the look will never really go out of style, there is a big move towards toning down harsh matte colours and incorporating a little sheen instead. Rather than heavy-handed blacks and browns, opt for lighter metallic shades in pewter and bronze for your smoky eye looks this season.


3. Bye-bye cake face, hello fresh

Along with the contouring trend, there is a big movement towards toning down the application of foundation altogether, and the look and feel of powdery, overdone skin. An up-and-coming makeup trend to look forward to is a stripped-back, ‘honest’ skin look. To achieve this look, use transparent bases, primers and touches of concealer. 


4. Bye-bye cut crease, hello simplicity

While the razor-sharp, cut crease eyeshadow technique is truly impressive, the time needed to achieve this eye look goes almost beyond the effort and products many of us mere mortals have! It’s safe to say this trend is fast on its way out, making room for simple flicks of eyeliner against a completely bare canvas lid. 


5. Bye-bye matte lip, hello lip stain

Finally, matte lips are set to become a makeup trend of the past as natural-looking, plump lip stains move in to take their place. Lip tints, lip gloss, and soft and buttery nourishing lipsticks are the look of the future. No more cracked, flaking lips – can we get a hallelujah!


While some of 2018’s top makeup styles may look flawless on Instagram, in reality some of these beauty trends just aren’t made for the long run…and we can’t say we’re sorry!  

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