Caring for your nails step by step

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Caring for your nails step by step
Caring for your nails step by step

Skincare and haircare are generally the most common parts of a woman’s beauty regimen, but what about nail care? It may not be the foremost item on your beauty to-do list, but if you’re a fan of painting and decorating your nails, it ought to be!

Your nails undergo tremendous amounts of exposure to damaging elements throughout your day-to-day life – from extreme temperatures to chemicals, toxins and germs. With this in mind, you should add nail care to your list of upkeep priorities.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to nailing the care of those fingertips before their next coat of ‘tickle-me-pink’:

Step 1

For healthy nails, make sure they are 100% free of old, chipped nail polish. Cuticle care is paramount to keeping nails in their best shape too. So, use the deeply nourishing Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil after the harshness of nail polish remover. Allow this product to settle in for 10 minutes or so to work its moisturising magic.

Step 2

Once the cuticle oil has been absorbed, push back your cuticles with the stainless-steel Essie Professional Application Cuticle Pusher for a beautifully natural nail shape. Next, trim away any small pieces of excess skin around the nail bed for a neat, polished look with the manoeuvrable Essie Professional Application Cuticle Nipper.

Step 3

The best treatment for keeping your hands in beautiful shape is to frequently file and buff away dry or damaged layers of nail. This will ultimately keep your nails from splitting and tearing. To perfect your nail shape, use the versatile Essie Nail Tools Professional Application Nail File to shape them as desired. Finish off your nail shape like a pro with the compact Essie Professional Nail Buffer Sanding Block to smooth away those pesky frayed edges. Make sure to check your nails are all the same length! 

Step 4

Another great nail care product to use is a strengthening base coat before a layer of polish, or as part of your general nail care regimen. To reinforce your nails, go for the strengthening Essie Help Me Grow Base Coat after a nail polish clean or before your next layer application. This also helps to protect your nails from stains!

Step 5

Finally, finish off your nail care regimen with a luscious hand moisturiser to keep your digits baby-bum soft, no matter the time of year! 

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