Colour correcting is older women's beauty secret

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  • Monday, November 19, 2018
Colour correcting is older women's beauty secret
Colour correcting is older women's beauty secret

The secret to flawless, mature skin? Colour correcting. There’s much to be said about aging gracefully and the same principle applies to the look and feel of your daily makeup. While growing older is a privilege, the journey brings with it, a story. It’s a tale that’s often written on the surface of our skin through the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, blemishes and those pesky dark circles around the eyes.

One of the most common faux pas made by older women is the use of too much concealer as an under-eye circle treatment and to cover up skin discolouration and blemishes. The problem lies in product build-up. Excessive amounts of concealer can create an unnatural, ‘cakey’ makeup look on the skin. As we age, fine lines naturally tend to gather just under the eye and this is exactly where concealer will gather, emphasising the look of these fine lines in a bid to mask dark circles around the eyes.

Industry experts explain that no matter how good the product, concealing without colour correcting beforehand may not deliver the bright-eyed and plump-skinned results you’re looking for. Discolouration around the eyes is extremely common, regardless of your skin tone or ethnicity. Shades which work best on mature skin depend on your underlying skin tone. For this reason, colour correcting offers a multi-faceted approach as the best treatment for dark circles.   

As the best dark circle remover, colour correcting is your answer to a wide-eyed, flawless look which highlights your best features. The Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Pens and the NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palettes work a treat in perfecting this makeup look.

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