Contour gone wrong? Fix your contouring mistakes with some easy damage control

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  • Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Contour gone wrong? Fix your contouring mistakes with some easy damage control
Contour gone wrong? Fix your contouring mistakes with some easy damage control

Contouring is such a huge trend and it’s easy to see why. Using makeup to make your face appear slimmer and more structured? Yes, please! It’s also easy to get it wrong. If you go a bit overboard and use too much contour, or put it in the wrong place, it can be a real mess.

Common contouring mistakes

So, what exactly is the problem with your contour? Most people make the mistake of using too much contour, bringing it too low down below the cheekbones and too wide on either side of the nose. Another common error is using tones that are too warm and forgetting that contouring should be subtle and not too dark.


Contouring products we love

Using great products increases your chance of contouring success! NYX Professional Makeup Pro Palette Highlight & Contour is a versatile palette for contouring and highlighting. As a bonus, the palette is refillable, so you can swop some shades out and customise your perfect contouring kit.

We also love Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter, containing both powder and cream-based contours, including grey tones that are useful for contouring damage control. If you prefer a stick contour, try using foundation as contour.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick has an enormous range of shades, from very dark to very light, making it easy for you to find your perfect match.


1. Remove excess contour

You can find the place where your contour should be by pressing into your cheekbone and finding the hollow of the cheek just underneath. Your contour should not extend any further below this point. Use a makeup wipe to remove some of the contour on your cheekbones, as well as the sides of your nose and forehead.


2. A spritz of refresher spray

If your makeup has dried and set, you’ll find it hard to blend your contour. Use Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray to add some moisture and soften the makeup all over your face.


3. Blend your contour upwards

Use a nice fluffy makeup brush like the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush Collection Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush. Use a circular motion to blend the contour upwards onto your cheekbones, and upwards into your hairline. On your nose, blend up into your eye sockets and soften the line on either side of your nose.


4. Add shadow and highlight

If your contour is too warm and looks brown, add a small grey toned contour to the hollow of your cheek near your ear. Buff the contour out. The grey tone creates a more natural shadow.

Highlighter works wonders for contouring. Instead of making your contour dark, use a liquid highlighter to enhance the high planes of your face - cheekbones, the tip of the nose and chin. We love Urban Decay Liquid Aura Illuminating Mix-In Medium because it can be used on its own or added to your foundation for a dewy effect. 

If you’re new to contouring, don’t despair. You’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way until you get it right. Until then remember, don’t go too dark, and practice makes perfect!


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