Cut your morning makeup routine time in half with these tips and tricks

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  • Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Cut your morning makeup routine time in half with these tips and tricks
Cut your morning makeup routine time in half with these tips and tricks

If you’re anything like us, your sleep is precious to you, especially when it comes to getting in those beauty ZZZs, which is why we’re all for anything that’ll help us save time in the morning. The biggest time hog? Our extensive makeup routine with 976 steps. Fear not lovelies, after reading our time-saving tips and tricks, we give you full permission to snooze your alarm tomorrow morning and still end up looking fabulous.


Eyes on the prize

If you usually do your foundation first, why not switch things up and apply your eye makeup first? That way, you’ll avoid spending any time cleaning up shadow fallout or mascara smudges. Try an easily-blendable foundation like Maybelline’s Dream Satin Liquid Foundation for quick application.


Tools of the trade

The tool you use to blend your foundation and concealer into your skin makes all the difference when it comes to saving time in the morning. If you’re using a sponge or beauty blender, make sure its damp to help bounce the product into your skin. If you’re more of a brush girl, make sure to remove excess product before using it to apply your base products so you won’t be scrambling to blend in a heavy layer of foundation/concealer. We love the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush Collection Dual Fiber Foundation Brush for an airbrushed finish.


Brow now

You don’t need to spend ages filling in your brows with a pencil or wax – a tinted brow gel like the L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper is all you need for a quick brow touch-up in the AM. Opt for a shade that’s a shade lighter or the same colour as your natural brow hair colour (not darker) so they don’t look too overdone. Be sure to brush them through with a clean spoolie afterwards for a natural-looking finish.


Mega multitasker

Look for products that can be doubled up and used on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Something like the NYX Professional Makeup Bright Idea Illuminating Sticks are creamy and blendable enough to use on all three areas of your face. Just pick a shade that works well for all three, such as the pretty Pinkie Dust. The best part? Multi-purpose sticks can be thrown into your handbag and easily used on the go.

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