Dare to go green

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  • Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Dare to go green
Dare to go green
Admittedly, it takes a little getting used to. Looking like you just kissed a frog prince or are mid-makeup test for a Poison Ivy cosplay, isn’t for everyone. But, it’s a key look for 2018, so why not embrace the unlikely but awesome trend of green lipstick?

Spotted more and more on SA’s trendy streets, the colour associated with vitality is not a natural pairing for your lips, we concede. The more you think about it, though, the more you’ll probably see the head-turning potential. We live in unconventional times after all, and why should glitter and metallic get all the rule-breaking attention?

Green is the most restful colour for the human eye – although you don’t want to create that impression when you dab it on your lips. With green, it’s a case of go bold or go home. Whether you prefer bright emerald or moody metallic, commit to full, intense coverage.

Green lipstick isn’t the easiest to find, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Check out NYX Macaron Lippies, and their Key Lime creamy pastel with satin matte finish. If you prefer dark and metallic, reach for the Wicked Lippies range, also from NYX. Risque is a deep forest green shade, with a sensational overall impression of metal-meets-velvet.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a softer, liquid texture over traditional applicators, NYX’s Cosmic Metals Lip Cream comes in a colour called Out of This World. It mixes together emerald green, base green and gold pearl in a product that looks and feels like a gloss. 

One final tip to get you started is to check out the eyeliner shelf if you find green lip liners in short supply. Pencils will do the job to complete your look – and turn others green with envy over your audacity.

Now is the time to do it. Green means go after all. 

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