Dare to go green

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  • Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Dare to go green
Dare to go green

Green lipstick – it’s a trend for sure! Looking like you’ve just kissed the frog prince isn’t everyone’s cup of (green) tea. But, when done right, emerald lips make an eye-catching statement that can’t be ignored.

Because it’s an unusual shade, green lipstick isn’t as easy to find as other more popular hues. We’ve rounded up our favourite products to make your friends green with envy, as well as some tips and tricks to find the perfect colour for your skin.

Teal or forest green for cool skin tones

If you have a cool skin tone (very fair with pink cheeks, olive or dark) then you should always use makeup products that are cool toned to match. When it comes to green lipstick, choose forest green, teal or even icy mint green.

Try Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat in Circuit – a metallic forest green that we typically recommend alongside other winning long-wear liquid options. We also like NYX Professional Makeup Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Electromagnetic – a shimmering teal green with a metallic finish.



Golden or lime green for warm skin tones

Warm skin tones (peaches and cream, natural redheads) look best in warm makeup colours. Olive green lipstick is a great choice, as is lime green or any lip colour that includes a hint of gold.

Try NYX Professional Makeup Macaron Lippies in Key Lime – a lime-green matte lipstick with a creamy satin finish. We also like Urban Decay HI-FI SHINE Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss in Aphrodisiac – a stunning shade of olive green with a gold pearl finish.



Pair bold green lips with subtle eye makeup 

Unless you’re heading off to a fancy-dress party, green lipstick is a statement all on its own! Keep your eye makeup natural. Try L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres Palette in Timeless Beige – including 4 versatile nude shades to create the ultimate nude smoky eye.



Use green eyeliner as lipstick

Struggling to find green lipstick? Head for the eyeliner shelves! There’s nothing wrong with using eyeliner as lipliner. Green is a popular eyeliner colour, so you’re bound to find a suitable shade. Simply line your lips, fill in the colour, and apply transparent gloss to complete the look.

Try Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Matte Eyeliner in Jade Olive – a dusty olive green that’s perfect for warm skin tones.


Green means go – so go on, experiment with this exciting trend! For other trends and tips around everyday makeup wear, check out our daily makeup updates.


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