Debunking the myths around foundation

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  • Thursday, November 15, 2018
Debunking the myths around foundation
Debunking the myths around foundation

There’s often nothing but a bunch of misbeliefs at the heart of old wives’ tales regarding foundation makeup. Unfortunately, some women believe the stories, particularly when they are passed down from generation to generation.


Just because something is popular doesn’t make it sound advice. Here are the top myths women believe about the best coverage foundation and good foundation practices.


The Darker Your Foundation Shades, the More Tanned You’ll Look

This is a misconception that has resulted in many mismatched heads and bodies. Instead of looking polished and tanned, using unnecessarily darker foundation shades can make you look grubby. Reality check: Your foundation should always match your natural skin tone.




“Goedkoop Koop is Duur Koop” (Expensive is Better)

The price of your makeup is not a guarantee that it’s the best product for you. If you’re at the store and find a tester foundation, rather try it out first before buying the item purely because it’s the most expensive. It’s important to find what works for you, and that can be from any price range.


Applying Makeup Will Lead to Breakouts

Extreme naysayers perpetuate the myth that foundation causes breakouts. The truth is that breakouts are often caused by inadequate hygiene or lacking care practices. The best foundation coverage cannot be achieved without a good skincare regiment. Only apply makeup to a clean face and remove all of it carefully before bedtime.



If you’ve fallen victim to these myths, you’re not alone. Don’t assume tips are accurate just because they reflect the mindset of popular culture. You don’t have a backup face. Take great care of yourself, use products that work for you and you’ll be rewarded with a glowing complexion.   

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