Dry those nails in a jiffy with three quick tricks

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  • Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Dry those nails in a jiffy with three quick tricks
Dry those nails in a jiffy with three quick tricks

Ask any woman who has ever given herself an at-home mani or pedi before and she’ll tell you that there’s nothing worse on this planet than accidentally smudging or denting your perfectly just-painted nails! If only there was a way to ensure that your polish dried faster. Well, luckily there is – three ways, in fact. Yes, we have three awesome hacks to share with you that practically guarantee you’ll nail your manicure every single time…

Invest in the right top coat

While you might think that applying an extra layer of polish will only extend drying time further, it simply isn’t true. A good quality, quick-drying top coat can cut drying time in half and solidify your work for at least a few days longer than if you didn’t use one. The protective, high-gloss Essie Good To Go Top Coat is our go-to product.

Use ice

Putting your fingers or toes in ice water is sure to have them dry in no time. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be freezing cold – clean water topped with a few ice cubes should do the trick. Let your fingers soak for about two minutes to enjoy noticeable results.

Blow dry

As long as you blow dry your nails on your hairdryer’s coolest setting, you’re sure to see an increase in how quickly your polish sets. You’ll need to blast them for at least three minutes to notice a difference though.

If all else fails, avoid doing your nails when you have a to-do list the length of your arm. Set some me-time aside so that you know you won’t have to rush and enjoy the pampering. Or, better yet, pay a pro to do it for you! You deserve it, girl. 

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