Electric Blue: 3 ways to wear the season’s hottest shade

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  • Thursday, December 20, 2018
Electric Blue: 3 ways to wear the season’s hottest shade
Electric Blue: 3 ways to wear the season’s hottest shade

What if feeling blue was not a let-down but a strength? Let’s take it back to the beginning with these trendy lessons from nature on wearing blue makeup this season.

Mermaid blue eyeshadow looks


Mermaids are believed to captivate with just a glance. Replicate this mystical enchantment by adding blue eyeliner to accentuate the deep ocean of your eyes. NYX Professional Makeup Slim Eye Pencil Electric Blue is a creamy, long-lasting and durable eyeliner that glides on smoothly. Add optional sparkles or bedazzles to create underwater appeal and boost your can’t-miss-me electric blue eyes with a deep black volumising mascara.




Reflect heaven and earth in blue eyes and blue lips


Replicate the blue that colours the skies above and reflects in the raging oceans below by wearing electric blue eyeshadow with a bold pop of navy-blue lipstick. Add a little sparkle to your confidence from the beautifully textured Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Blue Drama palette. The four colours complement each other and make for a standout statement with your ice blue lips. Take it up a notch with metallic or baby blue lipstick, colours that are also rocking this season.


Hands down, this is amongst the best summer nail ideas


This season, perfect summer nail polish sees tranquil, quality shades at the top of summer nail polish trends. Inspired by “sun-filled beach days and spectacular sunsets,” Essie Spring 2017 483 All the Wave is made to thrill. It can be worn as-is or enhanced by nail art.


All things said and done, our natural surroundings show us how it should be done. Nature depicts blue in a very strange, but unique way. Think of how the hues of blue diamonds, blue sky and blue water constantly change, but never cease to amaze. Capture the awe of blue by incorporating electric blue into your makeup kit this season. It is – excuse the pun – electrifying!

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