Every makeup tool you can use instead of your fingers

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  • Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Every makeup tool you can use instead of your fingers
Every makeup tool you can use instead of your fingers

We’ve all done it. When you’re in a hurry, using your fingers to apply makeup feels so much quicker and easier. The problem is that your hands are a breeding ground for bacteria that could end up contaminating your makeup. Eew!

Investing in a good makeup brush set is far cleaner and more hygienic. You’ll also end up with a smoother and more professional finish. What’s more – it doesn’t really take that much longer to apply your makeup with the proper brushes!

Here are the best makeup brushes to use instead of your fingers:


Foundation and powder brushes

These come in all shapes and sizes for applying foundation, powder and blush for any skin type. The brushes you select really depend on your preferences. Do you feel comfortable applying foundation with a brush? Choose the NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation Brush – this thick, flat, angled brush delivers superb coverage.  

Setting powder, like the Maybelline range of loose powders, goes on like a dream when you use a big, fluffy brush. Try the Maybelline Facestudio Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Kabuki Brush.

When buying a makeup brush to use on your face, avoid cheap makeup brushes that feel hard and spiky. Pay more and invest in top-quality brushes that are gentle on your skin.




Makeup sponges

Teardrop-shaped foam rubber makeup sponges may be the smartest beauty innovation of the 21st century. These sponges are just perfect for blending foundation and contouring, and deliver a smooth, porcelain finish. The round end is great for large areas like your cheeks and forehead. The tapered tip is ideal for blending concealer in hard-to-reach places, like the corners of your eyes.

We love the NYX Professional Makeup Flawless Finish Blending Sponge – the flat edge makes this tool versatile for blending and contouring. A makeup blender sponge can be used damp or dry. Wetting the sponge before use results in a smoother, more dewy finish.




Cotton buds

Cotton buds are a makeup bag must-have! These inexpensive little tools are perfect for cleaning up makeup mistakes.

 Next time your eyeliner goes wonky or you get mascara on your cheek, don’t try to smudge it off with your fingers. Dip a cotton bud into water or makeup remover, and gently dab away at your skin until the blemish is gone. Apply a little concealer over the spot with a makeup sponge, and you’re ready to try again!


Eye makeup brushes

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face, so keep your fingers away from them! Even if you have washed your hands, bacteria can still remain under your nails.

Specialised eye makeup brushes are superb for creating professional, blended eyeshadow effects.

Use the NYX Professional Makeup Tapered All Over Shadow Brush to apply shadow all over your lid. The soft bristles and tapered tip are ideal for layering and blending different eye shadows.

The Urban Decay Angled Eyeliner Brush delivers precision lines if you’re using crème eyeliner, or want to try out a more defined eyeshadow look such as a cut crease.

For a smoky eye, the Urban Decay Tapered Blending Brush is the perfect shape to blend eyeshadow in and around your crease. Use with L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres Palette in Rose Memories for a sultry, burgundy smoky effect.




Final tip

Keep your makeup brushes clean! Every time you use your brushes, wash them using your facial cleanser or baby shampoo and leave them to dry in a well-ventilated space.

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