Every makeup tool you can use instead of your fingers

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  • Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Every makeup tool you can use instead of your fingers
Every makeup tool you can use instead of your fingers
We’ve all done this. When you need to make a simple correction and remove product from your face, your fingers become a beauty tool. However, while you may be tempted to use the convenience and control of your digits, you’re just begging for bacteria, and contamination of your skin and makeup. Makeup picks up and clings to dirt easily, which could end up clogging your pores. So, instead of using your fingers, here are cleaner, optimal tools for makeup application. 

Makeup brushes

There’s one for every facial feature, and for both general and precision jobs. These are the ultimate makeup tool invented so you don’t have to use your fingers, and they’re available from pinpoint to pencil-thin and oval toothbrush type. One to definitely get your paws on is NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush Collection Blending Brush.

biggest to smallest blush brushes

Beauty blender

 A particularly bad habit is to use your fingers to blend product over the skin. You don’t have to with this type of ingenious makeup tool. Use when blending a drop foundation or products with wand applicators such as liquid eyeshadows and highlighters. An excellent option to add to your toolkit is the NYX Professional Makeup Complete Control Blending Sponge.

hand holding bath bombs

Cotton sponges

They do everything from removing excess makeup and fixing mistakes, so keep your fingers to yourself. Some sponges, like cushion compacts, double as an applicator and blender.

women makeup cleansing pads

Cotton buds

Just like the cotton sponges, cotton buds are useful for correcting small mistakes on precision areas. If you’ve smudged colour under your eyes, or your eyeshadow is in the wrong place, use this nifty tool to correct your makeup.

women cleaning residual makeup wit que tip

Eyelash curler

How many times have you used your knuckles to lift your eyelashes? Yes, we’ve all been there, but utilising an eyelash curler prevents dirt transferring from your fingers to your sensitive eye area.

eye lash curler

Eye set

 When applying makeup, most people are guilty of using their fingers around the eyes. Don’t do it! These mini eye brush kits contain precision utensils – such as stencils, eyeliner brushes and tweezers – to apply makeup around the eyes and brows so you don’t have to resort to your fingertips. 

blush brushe and colour pigments

Empty palette pans

It’s common practise to use the back of your hand to mix foundation with primer or other products. If you’re an aspiring makeup mixologist you can use these pans to customize your makeup and leave your hands out of the equation.

empty blush palette

There’s no longer an excuse to use your digits and risk contaminating both your skin and makeup. It’s worth investing in these long-lasting and easy-to-maintain beauty tools that allow for cleaner makeup application. 


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