Eye makeup principles that work for any eye shape

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  • Friday, March 22, 2019
Eye makeup principles that work for any eye shape
Eye makeup principles that work for any eye shape

What do eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara have in common? They are all a little tricky to apply! If you don’t agree, then clearly you haven’t attempted a flawless winged liner in anything less than 10 minutes! It’s a job for trained professionals…



Despite our woes about how to apply eyeliner, there are other ways of achieving a beautiful eye makeup look with the use of eyeshadow. However, not everyone is born equal, and while YouTube makes it look simple, figuring out how to apply eyeshadow for your eye shape is also a learned talent.



Here are a few makeup tips for different eye shapes to help you achieve your desired makeup look



1. Use more than one makeup brush


Applying eyeshadow is all about creating the illusion of depth in order to flatter your natural eye shape. For this, you’re going to need at least two makeup brushes or more. Our top eye shapes and makeup tips include using a short-haired synthetic brush to apply colour to your lids. Use a fluffy, dome-shaped brush for blending and a rounded brush with dense bristles to define.


2. Eyes first!


When applying a full-on, colourful eye makeup look, it’s best to do your eyes first before applying the rest of your makeup – especially your foundation. This is because of a little pet peeve known as ‘fall out’, which is basically excess eyeshadow that falls off your lid during application. You want to avoid re-doing your foundation and concealer because of smudged eyeshadow on your cheeks! Otherwise, hold a tissue under your eyes and make sure to tap excess product off your brushes before applying on your lids.


3. Start with a neutral-coloured base


Make sure to prep your eyelids with an eyelid primer or neutral base concealer before applying colour. This will avoid creasing throughout the day – especially for those ladies with hooded eyelids.


4. Work from light to dark


The best way to apply eyeshadow for your eye shape is by using the principle of light to dark and not being afraid to mix the two. Begin with a light colour all over your lid, then add darker shades to the outer edges and blend as you go. Use a little colour each time and build up your coverage slowly, especially if you are a little heavy-handed.




5. Use your crease to guide you


The best way to maximise eyeshadow for your eye shape is by using your natural eye crease to guide you along the way. Your crease is the natural fold of your eyelid, located at the top edge of where your eyeball ends. Use it as a barrier and guideline for outlining and defining your eyes as your blend your eyeshadow.

One last tip for really making your eyes pop is to define and brighten your eye makeup with the use of concealer. Use a small angled eye brush and create beautiful, crisp edges around your eyeshadow for an Insta-worthy makeup look!

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