Eyes and lips: Surprising combinations that just work

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  • Thursday, November 15, 2018
Eyes and lips: Surprising combinations that just work
Eyes and lips: Surprising combinations that just work

Modern makeup trends dispel matchy-matchy eyeshadow and lipstick combinations. Gone are the days of playing it safe, today’s lipstick and eyeshadow combinations are fearless and flirty. Here are some of our favourites – perfectly suited to African women.


Green and Pink

Release the African goddess in you with green around your eyes and a soft shade of pink on your lips. The green is reminiscent of mother-nature and complemented by softly-shaded, feminine pink lips. The finished look is among the best eyeshadow combinations for brown eyes.


Gold and Peach

Royalty shines forth like never before with these Afrocentric inspired eyeshadow lipstick combinations. Make a statement that speaks on your behalf as the gold brings out the modern goddess in you.


Yellow and Purple

This tribal-inspired look is a sure-fire combination when you’re attending a traditional wedding or black-tie event. The yellow and purple combo is an embodiment of a confident African woman who commands attention and rightfully receives it!


Brown and Black

The shaded makeup colour combinations of this mystic gypsy look set it apart. Brown and black portray the spiritual embodiment of a strong woman. This look is as ideal for the wanderer as it is for the seductively playful at heart.


These trendy eye makeup and lipstick combinations may seem taboo at first but can actually elevate your look when applied correctly. Whatever your final styling preference for makeup colour combinations, remember to complete it with a smile. Your eyeshadow and lipstick combinations can tell a story to the world. Let yours be an unforgettable one!

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