Finally figure out your face shape once and for all

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  • Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Finally figure out your face shape once and for all
Finally figure out your face shape once and for all

Most of us are all too familiar with our family history, know our star signs, blood type, eye shape and even our skin type, but how many of us know our face shape? Knowing whether the shape of your face is round, oval, square or even heart-shaped, can help you to figure out how to apply makeup for a flattering effect and how best to enhance your face with contouring.

The first step in choosing makeup and hair tutorials to enhance your natural attributes is figuring out what your face shape is. Use these pointers to get started:

There are six main face shapes, namely round, square, diamond, oval, heart-shaped and rectangular. This makeup tutorial will not only reveal which category you fall into but will also give you some tips for making the most of it.  Let’s get started.

Your face can be divided into three zones, each of which plays a role in determining your face shape. Take a look at yourself in the mirror with your hair scraped back and sans makeup. It’s possible that you’ll be able to use visual cues to compare your face to one of the shapes above, but in case you’re still in the dark, proceed as follows.


1. Forehead and Cheekbones

Which is the widest part of your face? If it’s your cheekbones, you probably have a round face. If your forehead seems the widest, you’re leaning towards an oval face shape. Not sure? Cast your gaze towards your jawline for more clues.


2. Jawline

Is your jawline prominent? A strong jawline means you have a square or rectangular shaped face. If your jawline comes to a noticeable point – heart-shaped it is. A narrow jaw and hairline point towards a diamond-shaped face.


3. Face Length

The final deciding factor in finding out your face shape is the length of your face. More length compared to width means your face shape is oval instead of round or rectangular as opposed to square.


To summarise:

Oval Face: more length with a wide forehead (think inverted egg)

Round Face:  wide cheeks with a shorter face

Diamond-shaped: wide cheeks with a narrow forehead and jawline

Heart-shaped: wide forehead with a narrow, pointed chin

Square Face: A strong jawline that as wide as your forehead

Rectangular Face: strong jawline that matches your forehead, more length than breadth in the face


Leading hairstylist experts suggest that knowing the shape of your face can also help you to pick the most flattering and popular hairstyles or choose the ultimate fringe option for every face shape. You can also develop your facial makeup techniques to achieve your desired looks.


Makeup tips to make the most of your face shape

Round face shape:

Contouring works wonders to make your face appear more structured. Use highlighter on the bridge of your nose, on your chin and in the centre of your forehead to create the illusion of length. Highlighting high up on your cheekbones will help to bring them out of hiding.


Square and rectangular face shapes:

Soften the harsh lines of your face with bronzer or blush at the jawline and temples.


Diamond-shaped face

Add fullness to your jaw and forehead by using a lighter shade of foundation in these areas.

Heart-shaped face

Slim down your forehead with an application of bronzer along the bottom of your chin and sides of your temples.


Oval Face Shape:

Ladies with oval face shapes are blessed with the perfect canvas for any makeup look. Go ahead and experiment because you have nothing to hide!


Keep reading our tips and tutorials on all the latest makeup styles to help you look your best no matter what.


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