Finishing powder vs setting powder Whats the difference

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  • Thursday, September 13, 2018
Finishing powder vs setting powder Whats the difference
Finishing powder vs setting powder Whats the difference
We all know that a good makeup routine ends off with a finishing product to keep makeup in hold. What we often don’t know is which one to use. Because while finishing and setting powders are similar, they have different functions. If you’re unsure which one does what, best take note of the below.

Setting powder

Setting powder is applied directly after applying foundation to help it set, mattify, and last longer. Often, setting powders like Maybelline Master Fix Setting Powder-Translucent come in clear and translucent finishes, so as not to interfere with the makeup shades on your face. Some other setting powders, however, are designed to match your foundation’s colour to further perfect the foundation build.

Finishing powder

This powder is generally also translucent or skin-coloured, and is used after applying all of your makeup, and after a setting powder has been applied. It finishes off the look by getting rid of imperfections namely; covering pores and fine lines, and it creates an even surface on the skin. Most often, finishing powders like NYX Professional Makeup HD Mineral Finishing Powder Medium Dark are used during photoshoots where people will be photographed under intense lighting, to prevent shine and keep things perfectly matte.  

Both types of powders are quite versatile and come in different finishes and variations for you to choose from. Depending on the occasion, both are essential items to take makeup from everyday casual to professional looking – because no girl who spent years perfecting her face should have to worry about it coming off a couple of hours into the day!

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