Five priming tips to secure a next-level look

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  • Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Five priming tips to secure a next-level look
Five priming tips to secure a next-level look
If you’re becoming more privy to the everyday usefulness of primers, then you’ll greatly benefit from insider tips and tricks that professionals have turned to for years. Here’s how to incorporate priming into your everyday makeup routine. 

Apply to lips too

 Yes, primer is also an important step before applying any lip product for smoother application. A lip primer prevents feathering and holds the lip colour in place for longer. When applied often, lip primers can also act as a lip balm to condition lips, preventing cracking and drying.

Use coloured primers

Lookout for coloured or tinted primers when shopping for beauty products. These little gems can double up as a colour corrector too, so when you layer on your concealer and foundation afterwards, discolouration around the skin is reduced.  

Use minimally

Less is more when using a primer, especially if you’re using liquid-based products. Too much primer can interfere with the products you’re going to layer on and can result in changing the texture of makeup. A coin sized amount for your cheeks and outwards will suffice.  

Mix with a powder

To get the most out of your primer, mix in a small amount of translucent powder before applying. Some of the ingredients in primer and liquid-based products could result in makeup sliding off after a few hours, using a powder however, can prevent this. This also allows for your foundation to set, especially if it’s liquid-based.  

Consider your skin

 In the same way you choose makeup products to suit your skin type, the same applies to choosing a primer. 
Select a primer for the problem that needs solving. For example, primers specific to oily skin will help absorb excess oil while those specific to dry skin like L’Oréal Pro-Glow Lock Makeup Primer, helps condition the skin.

Keep in mind that primers aren’t a one-size-fits-all product, you’ll need to put some to the test and find the most suitable one for you. Happy priming!

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