Five Reasons You Need Setting Spray In Your Routine

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Five Reasons You Need Setting Spray In Your Routine
Five Reasons You Need Setting Spray In Your Routine
If you’re already insisting you don’t need another product in your already bursting makeup bag, you’re missing out badly. There’s no reason to skip this essential spray – it’s the answer to most of makeup’s most frustrating problems; the glue that keeps everything together. Here are five convincing reasons why you need this makeup preservation miracle in your life. Hopefully we’ll change your mind. 

1) It holds makeup in place

Setting spray is the topcoat of makeup. In the same way that primer works, setting spray is the grip that holds everything in place after you’ve applied makeup. On a hot summer day, NYX ProfessionalMakeup Matte Setting Spray will make sure your eyeshadow doesn’t rain into your eyes, and your face doesn’t turn into a melting ice cream of smudging colours.

2) It makes your makeup last longer

Setting spray not only holds makeup in place but also makes it last longer. If you have a problem with fading, discolouring and accidental removal, you can’t live without this spray. Maybelline FacestudioMaster Fix Wear-Boosting Setting Spray will hold all that colour in place through a hectic day and keep you looking fab the whole time. 

3) It helps keep skin moisturised 

With a full face of makeup applied in layers, your skin can start to feel dry after a few hours. Setting spray is a way to add hydration to your face without water, which will wash your makeup off. UrbanDecay Cooling And Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray will cool your face and combat heat-induced dryness, helping both your face and your makeup to stay fresh. 

4) It creates an after blend

If you have a blend that’s less than perfect, setting spray helps smooth makeup and even out colours, especially for powdery foundations and blushes that tend to resist blending and leave a whitish undertone on your skin. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist will blend power-based colours and make them appear uniform. 

5) It prevents dullness

If you’re not dealing with the melting monster that’s the sun, you’re probably stuck indoors. Here, makeup worn after a few hours may leave you less-than-glowing. Thankfully, NYX Professional Makeup Dewy Setting Spray works fantastically well with shimmery bronzers and light-reflecting highlighters to keep your skin glowing for longer. 

Your makeup routine is forever incomplete without setting spray. There is a setting spray for every makeup preservation need, whether you’re facing harsh environments or chilling at home. Don’t skimp on this useful beauty investment. 


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