Foundation for Every Season

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  • Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Foundation for Every Season
Foundation for Every Season

Building a solid house means laying a good foundation, and the same is true of makeup. What we need from our foundation, however, depends largely on the season. When purchasing new products at the beginning of a new season, it’s important to consider those needs and apply them to the type and shade of foundation you decide on. Just like seasonal changes, makeup trends also change. Our detailed guide recommends the best foundations for every season, allowing you to perfect a wide variety of makeup looks.


The summer months are wonderful for adventures, poolside parties and volleyball on the beach – not so much for makeup. The blistering sun can cause foundation to melt, and unless you’re headed to a Halloween party, this is definitely not a favourable look. As a result, many women opt to go foundation-less on a hot summer’s day, since even the best coverage foundation for oily skin battles to stand up against the harsh African rays. For some of us, however, this isn’t the most practical option, as not every day is a good skin day. 

Water-based foundations, like Maybelline’s Dream Satin Liquid Foundation, are the best choice for those seeking coverage in the sweltering heat. Alternatively, you could try a tinted moisturiser or powder foundation, but remember to keep your makeup to a minimum, use a high-quality primer and avoid heavy foundation at all costs.

Additionally, you must pay attention to the shade of foundation you’re buying. With increased exposure to the sun during the summer months, you’ll probably need to go a shade or two darker than what you’d use during colder months





During autumn, the air is more saturated with moisture and the sun isn’t as harsh as it is in summer. Autumn is the season you need to take note of your skin type, your problem areas and your general skin needs – and purchase products accordingly. 

Both dewy and matte finishes work throughout this season, leaving you free to play a little. For a soft matte finish, Yves Saint Laurent’s All Hours Foundation is the ideal choice for all skin types, offering medium to full coverage, and SPF20 to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. By infusing the foundation with a black tea antioxidant complex for additional skincare, YSL has produced a product that combats signs of dullness and fatigue.



As temperatures begin to plummet, your skin may feel dehydrated and tight. This can lead to rising levels of discomfort, unless you know the best foundation for dry skin and have a few foundation tricks up your sleeve.

It’s important to get cracking with your winter prep for hair, body and face as soon as mercury starts to drop. For the face, this is easily remedied with the right skincare products and foundation. To avoid aggravating dry skin, be sure to use a hydrating moisturiser before applying a cream-based foundation like L'Oréal Paris Infallible Stick Foundation for a luxurious cream formula that melts into the skin. 



As winter gives way to spring, your foundation options open up once again. This is the perfect time to embrace a dewy look, since spring is so fresh and colourful. With mid to warm temperatures daily, you can choose a foundation based on your skin type and tone. For a glowy look, invest in a product like Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done for a stunning soft-focus finish.

Seasonal changes can take a toll on your makeup routine, but once you’re equipped with the right information and a complete understanding of your skin tone, these changes are far easier to handle. Remember to think carefully about your specific foundation needs and do your research before grabbing the first thing you see on the shelf.





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