Getting creative with blush: 4 ways to wear it

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  • Thursday, August 30, 2018
Getting creative with blush: 4 ways to wear it
Getting creative with blush: 4 ways to wear it

When it comes applying blush, it’s best to base your technique on the shape of your face. Believe it or not, it takes more than just a stroke over the cheekbones to achieve a naturally flushed look, and, of course, colour is everything. For now, however, we’re focusing on four different ways to wear blush for a perfectly finished makeup look.




This look consists of applying blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending outwards towards the temples, following the cheekbone. Ideal for women with long faces, this look can be achieved using both a powder-based blush or a cream-based blush.

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Woman with red lip stick




Those with oval-shaped faces should adopt this technique, which sees blush applied in a circular motion over the apples of your cheeks only. We recommended using a powder-based blush for this look as it can be easily blended with a makeup brush. 

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Woman with natural hair




For this look you’ll need to apply your blush in an angular motion, blending the colour from the apples of your cheeks towards your temples. The result is a coloured area that resembles a triangle, and suits women with round faces. A cream-based blush here will help with the desired shape, but a powder-based one is great for achieving a natural look. 

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Woman with nude lipstick




For women with square faces and a stronger jawline, this look softens things up a bit. Apply your blush in a linear motion, starting a few centimetres away from the sides of your nose and ending at the outer edges of your face. A powder-based blush will work best here to blend the rectangular shape into something beautifully natural.

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Woman with pink blush

Now that you’re feeling a little more confident about how to perk up those cheeks, try one of the above looks. They’re sure to make him blush when he sees you! 

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