Glitz and Gloss: How to pair makeup and jewellery

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  • Friday, December 14, 2018
Glitz and Gloss: How to pair makeup and jewellery
Glitz and Gloss: How to pair makeup and jewellery

Celebrities and their stylists know that matching jewellery and makeup is an art form. What may seem like a seamless match of cosmetics and jewellery is often the culmination of impeccable planning to find the right balance, contrasts, design, and lighting. It is rarely coincidental. Here are our go-to rules concerning fashion cosmetics.



Know yourself


There’s no one size fits all approach to deciding on which makeup trends to try out and picking accessories to match. Your best assets may differ from another and you also have your own set of flaws to conceal.


For example, perfectly applied contouring can help to hide an imperfect décolletage. You can enhance this look and make your neck and shoulders seem even more graceful and swan-like with drop earrings and a soft, elegant updo.


Perhaps you have a brunch date after a night out on the town? Conceal puffy eyes with sunglasses, accessorise with tasteful stud earrings and divert all the attention to your perky, trendy red lips. We love the sophisticated Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Are You Red-dy.





Be intentional


A polished and chic look incorporates makeup that echoes jewellery and vice versa. Your theme can take inspiration from a particular era, culture or colour palette.


For example, jewellery with a distinctly 1920s Art Deco vibe looks great paired with smoky eye makeup to release your inner flapper. Try the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette for 12 shades that raise the standard of velvety, luring smoking eyes.


Maybe you’re planning on wearing your favourite pair of bold, beaded ethnic earrings? Accentuate the look with golden eye makeup and warm brown lips. Tropical is a hot look in 2019 – even during the winter months. Bright coral lipstick paired with neon plastic beads and bangles is fun, flirty, and fabulous.



Make thoughtful, minimal choices


Often, less is more – especially if you want to enhance a particularly beautiful piece of jewellery. If you’re wearing pearls or diamonds, choose neutral makeup with a hint of shimmer.  The sparkling, creamy-textured L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres Palette in Timeless Beige is just perfect. By keeping the look soft and simple, you allow your jewels to take centre stage without being overpowered by busy makeup.


Pairing cosmetic jewellery is an art that takes time and needs a few good tricks and hacks to be mastered. It’s a look that also needs to match your taste, personality, hairstyle, and natural inclinations. Make no mistake, you don’t need to be moneyed to look like a million bucks. Don’t underestimate your confidence and style; they really can go a long way.






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