Golden arches: 3 methods to beef up those brows

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  • Thursday, April 25, 2019
Golden arches: 3 methods to beef up those brows
Golden arches: 3 methods to beef up those brows

Perfect brows are the envy of many sisters. When given the attention that they rightfully deserve, they can serve as the focal point of your facial makeup and accentuate your best features. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with ample brows. Here are daily, monthly and yearly tips to achieve fuller-looking brows:



If you need quick tips to enhance your brows effortlessly, then L'Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper with volumising gel and a precision brow brush can help you to thicken and enhance your eyebrows. It can also be used to tint your brows to make them ever-so-flattering.


Forget the classic eyebrow pencil, Urban Decay Brow Box is your go-to compact solution for all you need to master brows. It includes at least two shades of gorgeous powder, wax for precise shaping and all the tools you need to whip your brows into shape.



Should you require something that lasts a little longer than daily applications, then brow tinting is your go-to solution. Tinting can make your eyebrows look fuller. It’s always best to consult experts for this professional service, at least first-time ‘round.


Another alternative is to apply natural oil treatments that include castor oil and coconut oil to help stimulate hair regrowth.




There are also several semi-permanent solutions available, such as microblading. This is best described as a form of cosmetic tattooing for your brows. While there is a little discomfort involved in this procedure, those who opt for it say that the results far outweigh the pain.


Whatever your desired intervention is, you can have fuller, younger-looking eyebrows. There is no excuse not to have the brows that make your life fuller and happier.


Only you know what’s best for you. Choose the intervention that best suits your needs, budget and desired outcomes.


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