Gym-friendly makeup options

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  • Friday, June 1, 2018
Gym-friendly makeup options
Gym-friendly makeup options

Wearing makeup to gym is now acceptable. Thanks to the culture of workout selfies and gym tutorials, we all want a makeup look to complete that cute gym outfit. However, there are some things to keep in mind. Pores are more open during exercise to allow sweating, so wearing makeup can get them clogged. Sweating itself is another issue. When you’re trying to sculpt those legs, you don’t want to worry about foundation running over your face! The keyword here is lightness. Don’t forget, your skin needs to breathe, too.

Waterproof mascara

The easiest option to get away with is waterproof mascara. They make your eyes pop for the camera (or that gym hunk you’ve been eyeing out) without running or melting. Keep it light by applying a single coating on your upper lashes only.

Oil-free foundation

If you absolutely cannot live without full-face coverage, then aim for oil-free foundation. Imagine adding an extra oily look to an already sweating face. Yuck – it’s not comfortable and not good for your pores. Rather go for BB cream. This underrated cosmetic is light enough for full-face coverage and will moisturise your skin too.



Try concealer to cover up blemishes without having to go full-foundation on your face. The best ones to use are liquid, as they’re not heavy like powdery cream variants, which will slide off your face when things get too sweaty. The best concealer to use is a waterproof one, so it doesn’t wipe off when you dry your face with a towel. Use something with a minimum SPF 30 if you’re jogging or working out in the sun.


Lip gloss

Lip gloss is the boss way to keep your face popping during a workout. A bonus is that it won’t interfere with your skin, and stays in place even during the sweatiest routine. Go for gold by choosing a hydrating lip gloss that will keep your lips moisturised and smudge free. If you do nothing else, choose a bold colour so you can forgo the entire makeup routine and make your lips stand out.


The bottom line? If you want to stay looking fresh in your workout selfies, pick a few features on your face to accentuate and use waterproof and hydrating products, or use them all at once but keep the application light. Stay away from anything too thick and heavy, or you’ll cry at the condition of your skin after removing the makeup. Don’t forget to slay!

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