Harness the versatility of concealer

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Harness the versatility of concealer
Harness the versatility of concealer

Concealer is every girl’s best friend and a must-have makeup bag essential. Not only can it cover up an inflamed pimple in seconds, it can also act as an eyelid primer before applying your eye-shadow. The bottom line? It’s as versatile as it is easy to use.


What is concealer?

Concealer is a flesh-toned makeup product that can be applied on its own or in conjunction with foundation. When used on its own, it provides lighter coverage and can be smoothed onto areas of the face where uneven skin tone, spots or blemishes are present. If used with foundation, it provides an extra layer when heavier coverage is required.  


There are several types of concealer available including; full coverage, liquid-based, cream-based, powder-based, and a moisturising concealer.


What are its uses?

Basic Cover-Up


The main use of concealer is to help cover-up any imperfections on the face to provide a smooth, even finish.


Your concealer can double up as a highlighter when applied under the brows and just above the cheek bones.

Eyelid Primer


Concealer helps eye-shadow adhere more strongly to the eyelids.

Lip Colour Neutraliser

If you own a lipstick that is too dark for your skin tone, concealer can tone it down and create a subtler effect.


Buy a concealer one or two shades darker than your foundation and you can use it to contour and define your face.


If you run out of foundation, you can mix a bit of your concealer with your daily moisturiser and use that instead.


It’s no wonder makeup mavens from around the globe deem concealer as the most important makeup essential out there! If you’re looking to try a quality product, our top pick at the moment is Maybelline

Fit Me Poreless & Matte Concealer. It’s the perfect choice for weightless coverage and brighter-looking skin.

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