Here’s how to ensure your undereye concealer stays put

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  • Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Here’s how to ensure your undereye concealer stays put
Here’s how to ensure your undereye concealer stays put

If you asked any woman, they’d probably tell you that concealer would be their number one makeup item to rescue in a house fire and we couldn’t agree more. Concealer is ideal for concealing undereye baggage and pigmentation. It’s also perfect for covering up spots, blemishes, defining your brows, contouring - the list goes on. But what most women cannot seem to avoid is the dreaded concealer crease - no matter how many makeup tutorials you seem to watch! 

With this simple guide, you can avoid concealer creasing in just a few simple steps. Here’s how to achieve your favourite natural makeup look and ensure it stays put all day…

1. Hydrated skin is key

The one and only thing your skin craves on a daily basis is moisture - especially that super sensitive undereye area. Before you apply your makeup, apply a good quality moisturiser to your face and a dab of eye cream or primer to your undereye area. This helps to prep your skin and keep it supple while applying concealer and foundation.

2. Use the right formula of concealer

Have you stopped to think for a minute whether the type of concealer you’re using is a good match for your skin type? If your concealer is too thick and tacky for your skin, undereye creasing is a given! Concealers which are too thin, too dry or too oily can all cause undereye creasing. Make sure you choose a formula that moves with your skin and doesn’t just sit on top of it. The lighter the formula, the more you can layer your concealer, which makes for less creasing. Our experts recommend the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer for a sublime formula that’s not too light, yet not too heavy, and provides beautiful coverage.

3. Ditch the concealer brush

The best tool you could possibly use when smoothing out your concealer is your fingertips. While many experts prefer to use a precision concealer brush, this doesn’t always do the best job at smoothing out your concealer for a natural, flawless finish. The warmth of your fingers helps to melt the concealer into your skin for a crease-free finish.

4. It’s all about the layers

Instead of applying a great big blob of product under your eyes then trying to smooth it out, opt for a lighter touch of layering. Another helpful application technique is to stretch out the skin under your eye by looking up as you dab the concealer into the area. Apply a thin layer, let it settle, then go for another until you have the desired amount of coverage.

5. Don’t forget to set it

Now, this step is not always necessary, but if you have a big day ahead or a special event to attend, setting your concealer is a fool-proof way to avoid undereye creasing. Once you have applied your concealer, set it with a loose translucent powder- known as undereye ‘’baking’’. Let the powder sit for a few minutes and absorb into your skin, then brush away the excess with a concealer brush.

Say goodbye to undereye creasing for good with these 5 simple steps!

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