How to achieve a healthy glow when you’re feeling glum

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  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019
How to achieve a healthy glow when you’re feeling glum
How to achieve a healthy glow when you’re feeling glum

Not all days are the same. There are those days when you feel the sunshine on your face in the morning, and then there are the days when you’re completely under the weather. It’s on those really bad days, the ones when you can barely look at your own reflection in the mirror, that you need a guiding hand and some expert tips!


Here’s how to achieve a healthy glow - no matter how ‘blergh’ you feel.





There is an African Sotho proverb, taba di mahlongwhich translated says that “the news is in the eyes”. It roughly means that what you say – and how you feel – is communicated in your eyes. If you’ve been crying up an emotional storm, or simply had one of those exhausting days, try these tips to achieve a complete turnaround on your face.


Reduce the redness of weary and tired eyes by placing some redness-reducing eye drops in both eyes. This will help to ease the discomfort, constrict the blood vessels and leave you with brighter, sparkly white eyes.  



Magic dust

The “fairy dust” of the makeup world, your go-to microfine shimmer product, has to be Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder. A light dusting of this illuminating powder will leave you with an instant radiant look and warm, healthy glow.


This powder is a must-have, especially during your off days. It works wonders to emphasise your cheekbones while giving your body that extra top up. Animal lovers will be pleased to note that Urban Decay strives for cruelty-free beauty.



Icy cold eye-puffs


An ice-cube wrapped in a tissue can be a miracle solution for reducing the puffiness of swollen eyes that come as a result of all those tears. Gently apply pressure from the inner corners of your eyes and work your way to cover the entire eye. This small trick helps to jump-start your eyes’ lymphatic drainage, which in turn reduces swelling.



Use oil-free wipes


For those teary trickles that you simply can’t hold back, oil-free makeup wipes will help you to gently remove the tear lines. Regular wipes are not trickle-friendly as they may leave an oily residue causing unwelcome makeup smudges on your face. For best results, use small circular motions.



Master the gaze


If time is not on your side and you need a nifty trick to divert the gaze away from your puffy eyes, then reach out for a bright or bold lipstick. This small dash of colour will skilfully draw attention away from your eyes towards your lively lips, while also giving you a bold splash of confidence.



Overshadow gloominess


When you’ve had one of those sleepless nights or a fight with your bae, your boss or partner, it can be all-consuming. The emotions and stress of the situation can sap the colour out of your skin, leaving you drained and pale. During times like these, Maybelline Master Blush Palette instantly restores flattering colour, brightens you up and awakens your complexion.


Walking around looking like a zombie is out. You no longer have to sit and wait for your skin to regain vitality.  Remember to drink a lot of water, soak up the sun (safely), and breathe. With these simple tips, you can quickly restore colour and beauty to your face.


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