How to apply mascara based on your eye shape

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  • Friday, December 7, 2018
How to apply mascara based on your eye shape
How to apply mascara based on your eye shape

Mascara is just mascara, right? Wrong! Mascara can actually be used to enhance the shape of your eyes and should be applied differently for every eye shape. Here’s all you need to know about the best makeup for eye shape variations, and our favourite mascara products to get the look!


Tip: Whatever your eye shape, you can enhance your eye makeup by curling your lashes first using an eyelash curler. This will immediately lift your eyes and open them up. For best effect, heat the curler for a few seconds with a hair dryer, to hold the shape of your curled lashes for longer.


Mascara for almond eyes

Got almond eyes? You lucky girl! This is the ideal eye shape that can pull off any eye makeup look that takes your fancy! You can, however, enhance the almond shape by using thickening mascara and applying a second coat on the outer corners of each eye.


Almond shaped eyes are the ‘perfect’ shape that we all aspire to. It’s the shape that makes hot makeup trends like false lashes and colourful smoky eyeshadow look oh-so-wow! If you don’t have almond shaped eyes, you can use eye makeup so that your eyes appear larger and elongated at the outer corners.


Makeup for round eyes or protruding eyes


For this eye shape, go easy on the mascara as too much length and volume will emphasise the roundness of protruding eyes. A single coat of the conditioning Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara to define your lashes will do.



Makeup for monolid eyes




Monolid eyes are flat in appearance with almost no crease. Curling your lashes is especially important with this eye shape, to lift the lashes above the lash line. Don’t use volumising mascara as this will emphasise the flatness. Instead, opt for a lengthening, curl enhancing product. Our best curling mascara is Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Washable Mascara – use it on both the top and bottom lashes to really open up your eyes.



Makeup for hooded eyes


If you have hooded eyes, you want to emphasise the centre of the eye and create height. Use a lengthening mascara that also adds volume. Apply one coat of Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Washable Mascara which gives you 9-times the volume. Then add a second coat, but only in the centre of your top lashes.



Makeup for close-set eyes

Emphasising the outer corners will make close-set eyes appear wider apart. Apply a coat of lengthening, volume mascara. Add a second and even a third coat to the outer lashes for extra volume where you need it most. We recommend L’oreal Paris Mega Volume Collagene Mascara – this product contains collagen to add volume and the oversized brush helps to amplify your lashes.



Makeup for wide-set eyes

Use a similar technique as for close-set eyes, but instead of emphasising the outer corners, add extra coats of mascara to the inner lashes. This will help bring your wide-set eyes closer together.



Makeup for downturned eyes

Downturned eyes need lifting at the corners – so don’t forget to curl your lashes and use a volumising mascara to make them longer. Apply Urban Decay Perversion Mascara which includes a special brush to glide through your lashes and coat them with the creamy, volumising product. Add extra coats on the outer lashes but don’t put any mascara on your bottom lashes as this will accentuate droopy eyes.

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