How to: better manage your makeup storage

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  • Tuesday, June 5, 2018
How to: better manage your makeup storage
How to: better manage your makeup storage

If there’s one beauty trick we almost never think about, it’s makeup storage, yet it impacts some of our most important priorities: how we look and how much we spend. To the traditionalists, sorry but the bathroom just won’t do anymore, especially now that we know they’re a breeding ground for germs and moisture, both of which shorten the shelf life of your makeup. But what are the alternatives? We’re so glad you asked… 


Makeup Bag


This is the most useful way to store your makeup, as it’s all in one place and perfectly mobile for when you’re going out or travelling to a destination. Pack your makeup bag in a way that all the products fit comfortably, and brush heads aren’t being bent. The makeup bag is also ideal to keep your products cool and away from the biggest threats to your makeup’s longevity – heat and humidity. Makeup bags are an accessory in their own right, and with so many cute shapes and patterns to choose from, so it’ll be a blast looking for one you like. 


Glass Jars

A nifty (and stylish) way to store your makeup brushes, tubs, tubes and eyeshadow compacts is in an empty glass jar. If you’re storing makeup brushes, fill the bottom half with beads or wedge sponges to secure them in an upright position. The glass jar will also keep your makeup cool, just don’t screw the lid back on. Be creative and decorate the jar with DIY materials, then keep it on a dresser or your bedroom table. You’ll enjoy the beautiful and practical display they create in your room. 


The verdict is still out on this one, but storing cosmetics in the fridge has been proven to make makeup last longer – just make sure it’s clearly marked and away from food products. Also, this isn’t ideal for all products, especially those that rely on having a certain consistency to be applied correctly, like nail polish and lipsticks. If you plan to go the fridge route, keep it to powders, foundations and delicate compacts.


This one’s for all the girls with a packaging obsession – the ones who just can’t seem to bear throwing away a pretty gift box. Repurpose them as storage for your makeup, and organise your makeup in a way that won’t have them squashed against each other or that could increase the chance of spillages and broken brush bristles. Boxes of varying shapes and sizes will be ideal for different types of your favourite products, and will prevent you from having to rummage through kilos of compacts in search of your favourite pencil.   

Trays and Drawers

These were literally built to hold makeup, so they are one of the best options. Most vanity trays have different compartments for different products, and even little sections to hold jewellery. Many also have long grooves etched in them to prevent your pencils rolling around. Go for a transparent tray if you’re displaying it proudly in your room, so your visitors can admire your epic makeup collection, or find a tray that will fit perfectly into your bedside drawer to keep them neat and out of sight.  

When it comes to storage, here’s your secret three-word mantra: cool, dark and dry. Wherever you place it, keep your makeup away from direct sunlight and heat or you’ll be left fuming when your makeup retires too quickly. 

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