How to get the perfect statement brows

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  • Wednesday, August 22, 2018
How to get the perfect statement brows
How to get the perfect statement brows

The magic of eyebrows never ends. They shape the face and give a natural frame for the eyes. It’s no wonder that statement brows are one of the most talked about makeup trends of the past few years. The trend has birthed everything from halo brows to lightning bolt brows, and all the oddness in between. Whatever look you’re going for, the perfect statement brows are about shaping, filling and colouring. Here’s how to get it right.



There are many eyebrow shapes to choose from when getting statement brows, Thick, bushy brows tend to be straighter whereas thinner brows have more of a curve. Only experts can create the perfect shape freehand, so for the rest of us NXY Eyebrow Kit with Stencils is useful for every kind of shape you can think of. Use a super-sharp eyebrow pencil for a perfect, crisp edge.



The most important aspect of statement brows is giving them fullness and depth to stand out. Use Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler for its space-age fibres that imitate eyebrow hairs. This filler allows you to fill in any gaps tweezed out during shaping or create new hairs for an eyebrow shape you couldn’t achieve alone. Begin at the corner of the bridge of your nose and swipe up and across until you reach the tail of your brow, for a perfect fill every time.



Once your statement brows are shaped and filled they’ll need some colour to make them look natural and visually blend in with the rest of your face. You have an option of colouring your brows with your handy eyebrow gel or a powder palette like L’Oréal Make Up Designer Brow Artist Genius Kit. For statement brows, we’re going a shade lighter than the hair, so for black hair, try a dark brown colour.

If your eyebrow game is stronger than the rest, be sure to add eyebrow bleaching, glittering and rhinestone jewellery to your arsenal. Statement brows are more than just the perfect shape and the contrasting hair colour – sometimes it’s about going for the weird and wonderful, too!


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