How to grow your nails in winter and beyond

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  • Friday, May 3, 2019
How to grow your nails in winter and beyond
How to grow your nails in winter and beyond

Are you having a hard time growing your nails this winter? You’re definitely not alone. Here are some tips to help you grow and care for your nails now and all year round.

Use a cuticle oil

Cuticle oil does more than just soften and condition your cuticles. It also helps to moisturise your nails, preventing dryness, brittleness and breakage. The fast-absorbing Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil is always a winner.

Watch what you eat

You are what you eat, and so are your nails! A balanced diet is essential for healthy nails (and health in general, of course). Fill up on lots of lean meats, fruit (berries, in particular), dark, leafy greens, healthy fats, dairy and eggs. It’s also worth it to consider taking a biotin supplement – a water-soluble B-vitamin which aids in the absorption of important nutrients responsible for stronger nails, such as amino-acids.

Know your nail file

Always check the grit count of a nail file before using it. Nail files with a count of anything below 180 are meant for use on acrylic nails only. Natural nails require a count of 180 plus, or 240 plus for weaker nails. 

Apply a base coat

Some nail polish products may contain chemicals that could hinder the growth and affect the overall quality of your nails. This is why many experts claim that it’s bad to wear nail polish constantly. Research doesn’t necessarily support this view. However, it’s always best to apply a base coat manufactured by a reputable brand to help protect those talons. We adore the strengthening Essie As Strong As It Gets Base Coat.


Ultimately, maintaining longer and stronger nails is all about your dedication to giving them the TLC that they need and deserve. Here’s to gorgeous nails throughout winter and beyond. 

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