How to know when you’re wearing too much makeup

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  • Tuesday, August 27, 2019
How to know when you’re wearing too much makeup
How to know when you’re wearing too much makeup

A little dab here, a little more colour and a puff there, just one more spritz and don't forget the touch-up. Before you know it, you can quickly move from makeup that enhances to too much. Here’s how to know the difference.


It’s always good to know that you can use makeup tricks to hide tired eyes, elevate your look, hide cold sores, and transform yourself from your everyday person into a sparkly princess fit for a prince on her wedding day. Seriously, even daily makeup can help to cover up those spots, minimise sweat, and restore a healthy glow even when you are feeling glum, as long as you apply your facial makeup right. But, how do you know if your look is still on point and aligned to the latest makeup trends, or if it’s overkill?


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Signs of makeup abuse

Sometimes online makeup tutorials and hair advice can seem a little vague, leaving you no better informed about how to apply makeup or embrace the latest hairstyle. There’s plenty of room for human error in terms of the amounts to use which can make all the difference to your final look. So, use these guidelines to avoid makeup abuse.

When looking for colour inspiration for anything from your hair to your foundation – try and make it seem as if your body parts still belong to the same person! Your face, neck and hands should still look a similar shade. When applying eyeliner or dark eyeshadow, you’ve probably heard us say it before - the intention is never to look like a raccoon.


 How to know when you’re wearing too much makeup



Less is more

Makeup should subtly enhance your features, not serve as a limitless cover-up. The first step is in knowing how to look good without makeup overkill. If you’re opting for bright red lipstick, don’t over accentuate your eyes. The spotlight should fall either on the lips or the eyes, but rarely both.


Likewise, if you’re applying mascara or artificial lashes and they are so heavy that you can barely open your eyes; you’ve probably gone overboard. Another alternative is to embrace natural styles with nude lips and less eyeliner.


Heavy makeup trends are slowly becoming a thing of the past unless it’s for a very special occasion or fancy-dress. Too much makeup can clog up your pores and lead to breakouts and other skin issues. At the end of the day, you need to embrace your skin and use makeup as a tool, rather than a cover-up with no restrictions.


How to know when you’re wearing too much makeup

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