How to pull off the rainbow and coloured brows trend

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  • Tuesday, October 16, 2018
How to pull off the rainbow and coloured brows trend
How to pull off the rainbow and coloured brows trend
Just as we wrapped our heads around colourful mascara, the trend has since migrated north and landed up on our brows. Single-colour or multi-coloured eyebrows are one of the most popular festival makeup looks, with women everywhere opting for brows that are big, bold and bright! Got a bit of FOMO? Here’s how to achieve these looks so you too can unleash your inner wild child. 

Single-colour brows
If you’re not ready to embrace a full-on rainbow look when it comes to your eyebrows, why not start off with a single bright colour of your choice to, you know, ease into things. 

What you’ll need:

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner in Push
NYX Professional Makeup Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Turnt Up 
Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect Coloured Mascara in Gonzo

Get it done

Choose your desired colour, then find a liquid liner in that shade. Line the bottom of your brow to the outer tip, then shape out the top of your brow until the ends meet. 

Using the same liquid liner, create hair-like strokes through your brow. Choose an eyeshadow of a similar shade and sweep over the brows until you’ve achieved your desired colour. 

Make it stick using a colourful mascara of the same colour and allow to dry.
dark green eyebrow liner

Multi-coloured brows

For those of you looking to unleash your inner unicorn, we recommend playing around with a variety of colours for brows that are sure to make a statement. 

What you’ll need

Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette
NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel Clear
Urban Decay Angled Brow Brush

Get it done

Pick eyeshadow shades that you know are going to go well together and will flow nicely into one another. Then, choose a thin, angled brow brush for seamless application.

Dampen the tip of the brush in some water before dipping into your first chosen eyeshadow shade and colour the first third of your brows. 

Next, do the same but colour the middle section of your eyebrow with the second shade you’ve chosen. Then, draw the tail of your brow with your third colour. 

Lastly, use a clear eyebrow gel to secure the colours in place and allow it to dry. 
pink eye shadow and pink and blue eyebrow liner

Bet you didn’t think it was this easy to achieve colourful brows? Well, now you know! All that’s left is to book those tickets for an upcoming festival, so you can put your new makeup look to good use.

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