How to waterproof your look as the warmer weather hits

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
How to waterproof your look as the warmer weather hits
How to waterproof your look as the warmer weather hits

As spring and the warmer weather approaches, so should the inclusion of new, sweatproof makeup options in your beauty regime. We’ve all been there – perfectly glowing just after your morning makeup application, only to look a bit like a disco ball come lunch time. A look that many of us would rather not experience. Well, with sweatproof and waterproof makeup options, you can avoid this luminescent forehead look forever!

Here is a basic guide to warmer weather makeup application and how to keep your inner glow in all the right places:

Step 1: Skin Prep is Key

To maintain a shine-free makeup look throughout the day, the preparation of your skin is incredibly important. To ensure your makeup sits well and stays put, make sure that your skin is clean, exfoliated and free of oil and perspiration. Opt for an oil-free SPF to protect against sun damage and a light-weight, water-based moisturiser.

Step 2: Laying the Foundation

While heavier, thicker foundations may have been the order-of-the-day in winter, it’s time to pack those away and go with a lighter option, better suited to the warmer weather.

A tinted moisturiser or a lightweight, water-based foundation will do your skin wonders and allow it to breathe, versus a rich, moisturising foundation which will stifle your skin. Remember to set your foundation with a translucent powder for a perfectly matte finish with the Urban Decay Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder across the forehead, nose and chin. These are the areas which tend to gather the most oil and shine throughout the day.

Step 3: Maximise Minimal Beauty

Day-to-day makeup during the summer time should be minimal at best. In truth, a good foundation, some setting powder, a few lashings of mascara with the smudge-proof Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara, a touch of blush and a great nude lip is all you really need. Keeping things minimal will do your skin a world of good in the heat, working to minimise your risk of breakouts too.

Step 4: Set it all in Place

To ensure your makeup doesn’t budge, nothing does the trick better than the weightless Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, a firm favourite for keeping makeup immaculate from day to night. Once your makeup application is complete, a few spritzes of this setting spray will keep the shine at bay! Remember to keep some blotting papers in your handbag if necessary to absorb beads of sweat or sneaky streaks of oil.

Enjoy your summer with these simple makeup tricks of the trade and you’ll glow in all the right places!

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